585-494 Phone Me Not

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    1. William says:

      This is a medical phone for medical purposes only. do not call again

    2. Claudio says:

      The text messages somehow get around being blocked too. Smh. I put them as spam.

    3. Trey says:

      I think it is collection call.  How they figure out our number is beyond me.

    4. Darrell says:

      224-673-7533, a lady named Pat that didn't even know the owner of where I work name. She refused to leave a voice mail, and was very persistant on finding out when he would be back in the office. Sorry no way in hell am I letting you through to my boss. Aint happening, especially since we are a Cdn company.

    5. Elias says:

      credit card co. trying to get ur info

    6. Raymon says:

      that number is appear on my cp screen evrytime. that is fraud they hacked information .Invaded the privacy,, stalker.

    7. Edgar says:

      Recorded message - free internet listing.

    8. Edward says:

      Married and kids! Nasty!

    9. Garland says:

      I have been getting calls from this number for a long time and the person just does not leave any messages.

    10. Cruz says:

      calls at all hours day and night and dosnt say anything I try and call it back and they hang up

    11. Harold says:

      he is a meth head trying to call people to buy meth

    12. Murray says:

      Yes they are a scam the wanted to sell me a Dogs they have many inconsistant instruction they are preying on the inocent

    13. Jere says:

      Caller claimed that a credit card of mine from a credit union was temporarily put on hold due to what may have been an unauthorized use. It was a taped message and then it told me I would be prompted for my credit card information to confirm payment. No live person came on the phone. I knew it was a junk call because I didn't have a credit card from any credit union it mentioned and when I called the number back it would not go through. The taped messaged was fast so you really had to listen.

    14. Armando says:

      No message. Called at 1215 am

    15. Wilbert says:

      this number calls me at least once a day! Never leaves a message...I never answer