586-273 Phone Me Not

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    1. Logan says:

      They called, and the Caller ID said "Verification number..." or something like that. I picked up, said "Hello," and I heard a click as they hung up.

    2. Gerry says:

      Marisa is not a friend and never was.

    3. Hector says:

      he is calling me fake. And harassing me.

    4. Rueben says:

      Definately spam. I don't even have a car. Lol

    5. Fredrick says:

      Spam. Offering great specials on upholstery cleaning and area rugs. It's a California number and I'm in Colorado. Don't think they want to drive that far...

    6. Rhett says:

      I get a couple of calls a day from Card Services, asking if I want to lower my credit card rate. I don't have any balance on ANY of my credit cards, so I don't need a lower rate.

    7. Stanford says:

      Sallie Mae when I get it maybe u will get it too.

    8. Spencer says:

      I dont recognise this number coming to me.

    9. Dorsey says:

      was not spam. (248) 798-2607 is heating repair/service.

    10. Abraham says:

      Yes this number called me twice at my office number within one hour apart, i did not answer either call. Later at about an hour later i received the same call but to my cellular number but from little different number 302-283-4044. i tried to call but all i get is a busy signal.

    11. Ignacio says:

      We have received 9 calls from this number today. I generally do not answer calls if I don't the number but, this was ridiculous, so I answered. I had to say hello about 3 times and then a guy came on the line

    12. Marquis says:

      Don't hang up this is not a sales call.

    13. Blake says:

      Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3winner.info and enter code BETA will Receive it!

    14. Vicente says:

      Typical brain dead collection agency looking for someone named Connie at my number.If they would check the white pages they would know they have the wrong number and also you would think they would be smart enough to know that deadbeats give out false phone numbers when they apply for credit full well knowing they have no intention of paying. I think they should be locked up in debtors prison.

    15. Eduardo says:

      Calls at random times of day, usually while I'm sleeping