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    1. Margarito says:

      Received a call from this number, nobody there when I answered.

    2. Bradford says:

      Did not answer bit has before

    3. Elwood says:

      They didn't say anything they hung up but continue to call back over and over again

    4. Brian says:

      They call me multiple times a day and no matter what I say they continue to keep calling I've asked nicely to take me off their list and screamed through the phone but I honestly think it makes them call more.

    5. Levi says:

      Who is it and why do they keep calling?

    6. Rufus says:

      Got a call from this number on Nov.23 at 9:50am. SCAM telling me they are calling from Microsoft about my Windows computer. They are trying to get REMOTE ACCESS to your computer so they can then go in and get any personal info that is in there including bank accounts; credit card numbers etc. BEWARE

    7. Mike says:

      OOOOOOh!!!!! MY GOD it really embarrassing , they call me like every second , no message left ,if you call them back they will ask you to press one if you want your number deleted from their call list but it never happens , how can I track and deal with this scam artists ?

    8. Pete says:

      This number is a Scammer.

    9. Stephen says:

      They are selling a steam iron in Garden State Plaza mall kiosk, this product doesn't work and also ruins your clothes with stains.

    10. Nigel says:

      Looks like they are making calls, starting on Nov 25 2013. Quick internet search said some music store in CA, but it's a credit telemarketer/robocall.  Just don't answer!!

    11. Ronald says:

      cash business wordiness folks

    12. Rolando says:

      Just go to your telephone company web site and BLOCK the offending number, so it will not be able to come thru.

    13. Ty says:

      Anyone got calls from this number?

    14. Herbert says:

      if your going to say bad things about a company you dont know. Try spelling right before you talk bad about some one.

    15. Gino says:

      These people keep calling me all hours.  I ask them what they want before identifying myself and they will not tell me.  I tell them that I will not call their party to the phone until they tell me what they are calling about and they still will not say.  They do call me by name.  I figure if they are selling something reputable they would not have a problem saying what their calls are in reference to.