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    1. Filiberto says:

      They called me and kept saying hello. I don't want them calling me anymore.

    2. Brain says:


    3. Oliver says:

      I have received many calls from this number (Rachel) from card holder services. Today 1/4/11...the number actually appeared on called ID as it is usually an unknown caller. I answered...and it was the auto recording (rachel)...in the past I always press 9 to screw with them...and like other people...they end up hanging up on me. I always ask them which card they are talking about...and they always come back with "oh your visa or mastercard"...and I always ask them...yeah...but which one...you called me about MY card...so how do you know I have one and which one are you talking about....so then I'm like...oh wait...I don't have any credit cards...and they hang up. The reverse number lists this 304-445-5940 as a wireless caller. I tried callling it back...but it does a funny beep beep ring and then stops.

    4. Dewey says:

      I get continued calls from this number at various times during the week and weekends.

    5. Isiah says:

      I got a call from this # (209-813-2426), they told me that a "demographic study" was done by the federal government, and 1,700 from my community were selected to receive a $7000.00 grant, that would I Never had to pay back. I was selected because I have no criminal history, & I pay my bills on time, (haha not true so I knew something was weird). He told me I could have it by direct deposit or cash from Western Union, but w/ Western Union I needed to pay $206.00 to have my identity verified. Glad I Google'd the number because I can't afford to loose $206.00!!!

    6. Sid says:

      This number keeps calling me and calling me then they hang up every time I answer. When I call back it says they're unavailable.

    7. Tyrone says:

      i'd tell him that you are anxious to try it and will only play if you can stuff them first.

    8. Demetrius says:

      Keep getting calls from the 310 area code.  Received 2 calls from 310-241-0523 and 310-241-0039.  I never answer and they never leave a number.  Freaky if you ask me!!!

    9. Rosendo says:

      This number calls me 3-4 times a day. It's an automated call........beeps if I answer or just rings 1-2 times and hangs up. I think it's a political organization wanting donations or something.

    10. Louis says:

      Feature Films for Families ...does not leave message..

    11. Chris says:

      This is a total scam!!! I answered it because it is from my city- but it's a scam. Don't bother answering or calling back....waste of time

    12. Kelly says:

      I too have just recently switch to time warner cable

    13. Shelby says:

      Report this fraud to the Florida Attorney General or your state Attorney General - action will be taken; a similar fraud was shut down recently.  Posting complaints here isn't going to do anything about it - the reports must be made to the relevant authorities.

    14. Raymundo says:

      this is what i found on this no. 209-669-4490

    15. Reid says:

      Did they promise to stay on the phone while you recieved your money?