601-526 Phone Me Not

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    1. Donte says:

      Shady telemarketing company

    2. Jamey says:

      i just wanna know who it is

    3. Franklyn says:

      Collection agency/Banking

    4. Quinton says:

      Got a call from 210-281-4900 just now, Name on caller Id was Taylor, David.  His speal was to help improve my credit score.  I hung up on this person because I for one don't know who he is or what company he is calling from.  Plus I don't trust that anyone who calls you would even have the info they need to verify who I am and I will NOT give any information about that over the phone.  Just got the second call from him while typing this note.  That is 2 calls in 5 minutes.

    5. Leigh says:

      We have been receiving calls from this telemarketing outfit for most of this year several times a day.

    6. Wallace says:

      I am so tired of receiving these calls - different numbers.  This time was from V09181013350417 - 3232051412.  Isn't there someone that can help stop these calls?

    7. Fabian says:

      Ratchetness. India Barnett

    8. Sidney says:

      Have received calls from this number several times over the last week.  Every time I answer the caller hangs up.  I'm beginning to think the caller is expecting me to answer in something other than English (Spanish?).  Attempts to return the call result in an error message, i.e. a fast-busy signal or message indicating is an "invalid number."

    9. Coleman says:

      Received several calls from them today.  The last one was 11:09 pm.  I don't appreciate it since I have children who are sleeping.  Who are they and what do they want?

    10. Isaac says:

      This number keeps calling all hpurs of the night with weird texts

    11. Claud says:

      Just got a text from this phone number. It read, " Hi :) ".   Did not return a call because I did not want to validate my phone number with them.

    12. Christoper says:

      I got the same text today. Thought is was suspicious and google confirms.

    13. Henry says:

      So what did you do? Did you report him?? Did you take any action???

    14. Rashad says:

      I am getting calls from 214-000-0000 night and day.  214 is the Dallas, TX area code.  They don't leave a message.  I Googled the number and many, many websites list it as their number, everything from the Dixie Chicks to just regular businesses.  I see one guy says it was Republicans calling trying to sell him on a candidate.  It's not listed in the reverse directory.  Extremely annoying.  It says it's a wrong number if you try to call it back.

    15. Jarod says:

      I got a text today as well about a dress I have on craigslist. Glad I looked the number up! It felt funny to me which is why I looked it up.