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    1. Lawerence says:

      I didn't answer this call I looked it up here and I'm glad that I did. Thanks

    2. Marcus says:

      got a call from this number. 5 seconds later from 410-764-3642.  BOTH CALLS WERE THE SAME. (although one is from canada, other is MD) both calls were a beeping noise. every few seconds. then they hung up. weird. however - i did give out my number on Craigslist for something - could this have happened to anyone else? is it a craigslist thing?

    3. Randolph says:

      i get call from this 140-228-0772 and when i pickup the caller hungup twice today

    4. Vito says:

      they do not leave a message. Probably Wells Fargo or American Express Harassing us.

    5. Brain says:

      i dont want my phone to even ring...thats why i have this app...stupid spam.

    6. Luther says:

      Called me, spam all the way!!

    7. Peter says:

      I got a call saying that my name was drawed in a site for smart shopper, and i got a 50.oo gift card, that i had to payfor shipping and then be in a coupon club or something like it for a on going fee, and that they had my credit card number i just had to agree to let them charge 3.98 for shipping of the free gift card..... it had warning written all over it i know i did not sign up with any credit card number...but will be on the watch just in case, my computer and phone cell have been going to different sites not letting me sign on ect. just de bugged them again...

    8. Jarrod says:

      call recieved 12:33 AM then a text at

    9. Dana says:

      Keep calling me at all times don't bother

    10. Hans says:

      This person keeps calling my number several times a day&never leaves a message.

    11. Edgar says:

      I want the person to stop texting me.

    12. Leonardo says:

      don't. know. this. number

    13. Jody says:

      hung up on me when i answered. spam call from publishers.

    14. Earl says:

      I got a call from this number and they asked my name then disconnected .

    15. Alphonse says:

      I have just been scammed bye the same guy for trying to bye a puppy I sent 350.00 and I didn't do any reasurch I feel for it he got angry with me when I would say this is a scam and he hung up on me .. Please post what he has done to u or anyone u know on