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    1. Gayle says:

      jerks! they call a couple times a week looking for someone I don't know. when I ask for my number to be removed the say please hold then hang up on me

    2. Jules says:


    3. Korey says:

      Yes, No name..Just a Happy Birthday wish.

    4. Jerome says:

      I called them back, this is

    5. Stevie says:

      text said "As a thank you gift, $50 Target Gift Card and $50 restaurant.com gift card can be yours! Valid for first 100 customers! Call 1-877-834-2112

    6. Garry says:

      Missed this one while taking care of something else, no message left. I was able to pin down that it was someone calling from a cell phone from who knows where. Otherwise, I've got nothing.

    7. Malcolm says:

      Just got a call from a woman (middle-eastern accent) claiming that I won a $50 gift card and they would email it to me after I confirmed my info. I asked how they got it and she said b/c I made a purchase online or by phone with one of their "network providers" I asked who and she said "very good question" then went back on to her SALES script. I told her I never entered to win anything and asked again where she got my info from she got snippy and demanded I confirm my email and contat info. I told her obviously you got my info from somewhere so she already had it. Again she got very snippy telling me just to give her the damn email address. At that point I politely told her she could stick it where the sun doesn't shine and ended the call. Obviously a scam of some sort, the woman wouldn't even tell me the name of her company! What a joke.

    8. Alvaro says:

      I answered the phone, the lady asked if this was "my name". I asked who was calling and she said "Asia". Then I asked who was she with and she said "World Financial". I told her she was calling a place of business then I hung up. Got another call about an hour later.

    9. Justin says:

      ADA = American Diabetes Association  

    10. Chase says:

      I get the same number calling me everyday, sometimes several times a day. Since I'm usually working, I never get a chance to answer. However today, I missed the call, called them back, and they claim to be a "mortgage refinancing company" I stated my number and demanded to be placed on their do not call list. We'll see what happens. Good luck to you.

    11. Ray says:

      Yes, they will keep calling and calling until you say yes. I finally blocked their number. An Ozark Mountain vacation would be nice, but I don't trust people that have to market this aggressively.

    12. Jerrod says:

      They call everyday and hang

    13. Jerold says:

      Go to. Donotcall.org or .gov and report them

    14. Rudy says:


    15. Kyle says:

      I recieved the same thing from a guy named Nicolas Johnson,said he was in Sydney and he was gunna send me a payment via UPS today, same 300 a week and work util Feb...