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    1. Shane says:

      ...These people call our business all of the time and I don't want to give them any info because they're totally sketchy. They say they're calling from the "Ontario Business Development Office"... If so, why the hell are they calling from Texas????? The 210 area code is the San Antonio area or something. Yaaaa... :|

    2. Ricky says:

      They called me, a man with a THICK foreign accent barely enunciated that my computer was running slowly and they were going to help me. I LAUGHED so hard, said, 'you aren't getting my personal information' and I hung up on them. Don't help out a scammer to rip you off folks,,,,,,just hang up.

    3. Leon says:

      Calls my phone 5+ times a day, pre-recorded message, scam of some sort

    4. Rupert says:

      I get calls from this number all day long. It's very annoying. Obviously im not picking up so obviously I don't want to talk.

    5. Bennett says:

      Um your blocking the number very well!

    6. Shaun says:

      Arabic speaking Automated system

    7. Jacques says:

      Fake apple iPhone idiots.

    8. Joshua says:

      Got a call from this number at about 4:30PM. Man identified himself as working for MicroSystems and that the call was not to sell anything but only a 30 second survey. I've performed surveys before and he went quickly through a list of questions that seemed reasonable and asked for my first name only at the end of the call. Then he said that one in so many participants receive a prize and if I win they will call me. That is the scam I suspect. FYI: I called this number shortly after being called and a recording states no calls being accepted. I'm also sure that the name of the company is not MicroSystems. He originally asked for my husband by name but as I was getting my husband, he quickly as if I was the wife and then proceeded into the survey. The survey was about air quality. I suspect that the call was to verify who we were judging by what I see another person wrote. Grrrrrr!

    9. Marcelo says:

      The caller from this number harrassed me on July 17, 2007 between 9 to 9:30 AM in violation of 12 USC 112. The debt under banking law was discharged by their purchase of the debt. I have no wet ink signed contract with this company.

    10. Von says:

      Same number auto dials for several different telemarketing scams.  I got 8 calls from this number today starting at 8:05am until now at 7:09pm - the first played a recording to do some type of credit card debt reduction (scam), the rest were for mortgage modification or mortgage forgiveness scams.

    11. Eddie says:

      Have called over 20 times in 2 days , will not leave a message .

    12. Renaldo says:

      same, called and no message 4/19

    13. Cedrick says:

      When someone gets wind that people are talking, they send in someone with an innocent sounding name to take their part and defend whoever it is doing the calling.

    14. Fredric says:

      they keep calling and do not leave a message.

    15. Colin says:

      They keep calling me!!! They will not leave an massage ...I don't know the caller ... Block them from my caller list will not work