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    1. Adrian says:

      Called me. Computerized voice asking for my date of birth and work status. Said they are career job placement agency. And they would help me get a job.Out of desperation for job, i answered them. But am scarred it may be scamers trying to access my personal information. Pls, help me out!!

    2. Nick says:

      text message spam. is a scam do not respond. Apple is looking for iPhone5 Testers! The first 1000 users that goto http://iphone5tests.com and enter the code 7777 get to test and keep the New iPhone5!

    3. Delmar says:

      hung up when I answered. Need to be prosecuted...I am on do not call list.......

    4. Anibal says:

      They keep calling like I have a loan

    5. Cleo says:

      B.K.A. Bigbkelthegod. frequently has unprotected sex with escorts. Beware

    6. Britt says:

      Young woman recording message regarding our previous discussion on how to lower the interest rates on my credit cards. Small challenge is that I live credit free since 2007 and hold no credit cards. Obviously a sales driven call resulting, most likely from a partnership on a website or page that I visited. Not deserving of a call back or alarm but annoying. :)

    7. Stan says:

      How can I identify my spam caller?

    8. Carlton says:

      That is classic, i received the same phone call, and i asked him to send me the documentation.  He said that he worked in John Washington, Law Firm and that they could not produce any of the documents.  I told him that I too have hired an attorney and that my attorney demands the documentation, he refused to produce it...so I hung up

    9. Jacinto says:

      This number has called me twice...within 20 mins of each other. When I call the number it says I am going to win 1million dollars!! All of these weird numbers keep calling my phone!! Can never actually talk to a person!!!

    10. Emmanuel says:

      They're threatening me and talking tons of crap. And when I tell them to leave me alone they won't.

    11. Jules says:

      No one is ever there and I just got my phone and number 3 days ago!

    12. Antoine says:

      This is White Chapel Memorial Gardens in Wichita Ks

    13. Luigi says:

      I just got a call from this no. No answer no msg.

    14. Clifford says:

      did u get loan from them?

    15. Aurelio says:

      They called me, and I'm not really sure who they are.