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    1. Jerald says:

      This number called at 8:30 on a Sunday morning!!

    2. Jerold says:

      The Mortgage Service Center, payment reminder.

    3. Ambrose says:

      Tried to say a won a prize

    4. Chet says:

      I've been getting several calls from them as well.  They are extremely unprofessional.  They normally don't leave a message (although they have a few times).  Often, you can hear them conversing with one another (I think that's what they are doing or it might just be directed at me.)  On one message, I heard a guy say "Hi b*tch" then hang up.  Another was a gal that said "In your mind."  Anyways, don't ever sign up for SanAntonioSingles because after you input your information, you'll get a message saying that someone will call you (it won't allow you to complete the process online) and then you'll get harrassed with phone calls.

    5. Deon says:

      Called 1 time, I didnot answer.

    6. Ian says:

      No one answers but I hear noise in the background. Also received similar calls from 2 other phone numbers.

    7. Mitchell says:

      What is going on in this town in Washington that they need to make so many spam calls?

    8. Homer says:

      The fail message is fake; it means the person is using the smsblocker app. This app can block the texts of certain numbers (or only slow selected numbers, depending on the setting) , and has the optionfor autoresponse. The fail 684611 message is the default message if autoresponse is selected. I know, because I'm using it to block my crush who keeps playing games with me :(

    9. Markus says:

      Robo-call offering to help me with credit card balances. I am on the no-call list.

    10. Kareem says:

      Very rude collection agency....they have been told several times that person does not work here!

    11. Quentin says:

      called twice, early morning, 2 days ago.  recorder picked up & they left no msg. either time.

    12. Lucas says:

      stop calling this number.

    13. Owen says:

      They just called here too asking if anyone had diabetes and also asked if I had a dog, then hung up! Really kinda scared me. Wonder if they are planning on robbing people or something??

    14. Phil says:

      Lower Credit Card interest...

    15. Ignacio says:

      I pressed 1 not to claim it but to tell them to stop callig and they cursed me out in spanish