605-388 Phone Me Not

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    1. Vince says:

      They are very good at what they do. They called my exwife and told her all this stuff and she knows nothing about it.

    2. Dalton says:

      Wanted me to join a different site. Why when I already have there # "Sure sounds like spam too me"

    3. Merle says:


    4. Milton says:

      It's best not to answer numbers from outrageous area codes like this or numbers you are not familiar with. I've been receiving calls on the hour every hour from this number as well as 201-650-8265. When I answer, they hang right up. I think that they are calling to verify its a working number for that certain person. Why they need to know this information, who knows! There's so many ways to look up someone's information and when you answer your phone or open up an email, you are just confirming it for them. So don't answer! If it's important, they will leave a message.

    5. Mohammed says:

      same as the others...J B Marketing on the caller ID...said he needed to speak to the owner of the company regarding a personal tax liability.  Told him I could take the name and number, and he said it was important that he speak to him...I said, if its that important, I suggest you give your name and number...he declined and I hung up.

    6. Jaime says:

      When I answer, he hang up.

    7. Morton says:

      received call 14 Oct 08 from this number, guy tried to act like he knew me but was asking for someone else. Caller ID said DCS INC.  Hung up

    8. Dylan says:

      Called it back. Got BS recording about I won something

    9. Ralph says:

      Guía mimbre calla me múltiple times a day

    10. Issac says:

      Call everyday all day, so tired of them harrassing me!!!

    11. Grant says:

      I got a call from this number on my cell and declined it since I didn't recognize the area code. Then I Googled the number. After reading these postings, it looks like it was a good choice on my part to decline the call. Thanks for the info!

    12. Ramiro says:

      Spam Text: "starbucks! just picked you as this weeks winner claim here $500 store credit to starbucks!! http://starbucks8.raffleclaim.com"

    13. Dick says:

      Something about being selected for a stay somewhere

    14. Dannie says:

      I received a call from this number and they claimed that I was being charged with several counts of fraud

    15. Emmitt says:

      A man by the name of mark has called me from this number wanting my address so that he can serve me papers in regards to a loan I supposedly have with American web loans. He says that he needs my address so he can serve these papers. When I asked for the company he works for he proceeded to give me another phone number to call. That number was(855-270-9343).  When I calle this number they said that they had taken over my supposed account from American web loans, which I have never done any business with in the past. The lady I talked to at the 855 number was Monica Sanders with a company called nationwide.  About two hours after speaking with Monica I got a call back from mark asking if I had spoke with the firm. I advised him not to come to my residence or he would face criminal charges. He told me that's alright I have your work address and I have already spoke with one of your supervisors and I will be there tomorrow. When I asked him what company he worked for he hung up on me. I tried to call him back at the number he called from and all I get it a busy signal.