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    1. Leigh says:

      I just got a call from this number in spanish as well.  Probably some scam.

    2. Val says:

      Spam text saying Member Notice by Generations your checkcard has been suspended

    3. Clark says:

      Trying to sell illegal narcotics. Says you contacted through craigslist.

    4. Cedric says:

      I got a call, twice, missed, and when I called back they said it was about getting a college degree - and I already have a masters degree. This was one a cell phone that's on a do not call list, so, complete spam. When they answer they say they are from the "educationauthority.com" and when you go to that website it redirects you to a website in South Africa. When I looked up who the domain is registered to it says: Segal, Mark president@businessventure.com Business Venture unit 102, 405 Kings Road London, SW10 0BB United Kingdom +1.8777835193 I filed a complaint with the FCC: http://www.fcc.gov/complaints/

    5. Caleb says:

      Is this real info on homes or just a run around. stop f****ng with peoples emotions. if fake stop texting and calling me.

    6. Jeff says:

      They just keep calling and hanging up.

    7. Julius says:

      Received a text from this phone # with a link to a site hosted out of Romania claiming I had one a $1000 Target gift card. I happen to be an IT Security Analyst and specialize in malware/virus analysis and phishing attacks. The site acts as a simple phishing page and asks for some basic information about the user. The number can be found on multiple Chinese and Russian websites normally found in a block of numbers posted as attack groups (a pool of phone #s used for attacks). Highly suggest avoiding anything from this number.

    8. Roscoe says:

      Used my name, said "hows it goin _____ ! This is Jenny. Plz add my SKype so we can talk a bit, its: graciela.milesp" I thought it was suspicious, because the only Jenny I know doesn't live in that area code, I have her #, and that Skype name doesn't match up with "Jenny" being her name. Other people have received similar messages from other numbers.

    9. Jared says:

      maybe this no. is belongs to TCS

    10. Ronald says:

      There should be a law against repeated calls from spammers, guess I'll just have to take matters into my own hands.

    11. Kieth says:

      I was texted about a Free iPad 3 offer. Definitely they're a scam.

    12. Freeman says:

      Received call at 10:40am 4/18/12. Seems to be spam.

    13. Bradley says:

      this unknown caller has gotten so bold as to come to my house and put a note on the door to call him, about very important financial info. no name ,no company..

    14. Rocco says:

      I picked up and no one was there.

    15. Vance says: