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    1. Solomon says:

      Sends me texts. First one was "test message" the 2nd was "Bombbomb said he hasnt got a present 4 lea yet but will look 2morrow or next weeked" wtf?

    2. Willian says:

      I keep getting continuous text messages from this number. Like thirty in a row before I deleted them all without reading any of them. They continued so I just turned my phone off.

    3. Douglass says:

      This is a particularly nasty robo call. I didn't pick it up and it left a silent message using up 4 minutes of my cell time. I called back to find out who they were and got "This number is invalid". How do lowlifes like this get away with it?

    4. Rufus says:

      Who is Cumberland Hospitial

    5. Garret says:

      eaglecraft mobile home sales.

    6. Glen says:

      Why do u call people and make them trouble.

    7. Tracy says:

      I got dozens of texts from this # in response to a Craig's List ad. It turned out to be a scam that PayPal is now investigating. I was given 3 different names, 2 addresses in 2 different states. Even after telling them not to contact me they continue.

    8. Forrest says:

      I to received calls from this company and when I would answer they would hang up.  I called them just now and asked to speak to the mgr or owner.  Becky asked me what it pertained to and when I told her she asked for my number so she could take me off the call list.  I asked why when I answer the phone do they hang up?  Becky said "it happens alot".  Apparently they have an automated phone calling system and many times the caller doesn't hear when we answer the phone so they just disconnect.

    9. Gilbert says:

      Does someone there actually say something to you because they hang up when I answer.

    10. Hal says:

      This is a Ongoimng scammer they were calling from a Florida number for years now they are in WV I find it funny that these scammers are using a number based in of all places Alderson WV which is where opne of the biggest Federal female prisons is located lOL All of them should be in prison. DO NOT give them any info they ae NOT real Also make sure to Report them file complaints with do not call list and the Attorney General

    11. Rigoberto says:

      Said they were calling to do a survey on my Bank of America bank acct.  It was 9pm at night.  I told them that if they were really Bank of America they wouldn't be calling at 9 at night and hung up.

    12. Hershel says:


    13. Jarrett says:

      Saying I've been randomly selected for $1,000 gift card at www.amex.com.prizepage.net/?idbcbkrykrp

    14. Felix says:

      Call read "PS" 310.241.2966 in ID box of landline at 415pm...not known to me, so I didn't answer.  Went to machine and left no message, annoying idiots.

    15. Jerrell says:

      Told me won something I aint applied for anything