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    1. Wilber says:

      Trying to sell something for HTC

    2. Colton says:

      They call every day, 2 calls at a time. Nobody ever responds. The other end hangs up after 20-30 seconds. I guess it's a robot calling and they're understaffed or something.

    3. Kermit says:

      Got a text from this number about testing and keeping an ipad. Spam.

    4. Rueben says:

      The person at this number text me regarding Mr. Number so I could see their status and know when she is available to take a call.

    5. Edwardo says:

      Spooky call about computer shutdown in 2 hours because of "extremely dangerous virus"

    6. Miquel says:

      car dealer automated sales call

    7. Davis says:

      i have put this number in my contacts to identify caller as "spanish" because voicemails are left.since i speak no spanish and my friends know this, i doubt this caller is anyone i know.it is good that my carrier has my calls listed so i can report these calls unfortuately i don't have the BLOCK call option with Virgin Mobile.it is ALWAYS a good idea to give all your contacts a specific ID.one day i will save a voicemail and have the message translated.i used to listen to voicemail and that cost me $$.not anymore.i got smart.

    8. Alex says:

      premier marketing. said i had won a 7 day cruise departing from Galveston. said to call back this number. 800-920-4701. obviously a scam

    9. Stewart says:

      We have received several calls, sometimes 2 to 3 times a day looking for someone else. We have asked to stop calling and the calls still continue. These calls do not even pertain to us.

    10. Noe says:

      then answer the phone and say wrong person. is it really that hard

    11. Martin says:

      do not put up this number

    12. Gregg says:

      Manipulative businessman...

    13. Riley says:

      Same here they texted and knew my name. About 5 minutes before I was text from another #206276vtext.com and told me to take Immediate action, call 407-308-0201, said that my debit card my have been compromised, please enter your card #. They didn't even identify who they were or what debit card may have been compromised. Unnerving that I was solicited twice within 5 minutes. These scammers need to be lined up and executed!

    14. Jordon says:

      This a 35 yr old man from area around me. He is very stalkerish and calls several times a week. It is not a collection agency or anything. He is not in florida either. He is in indiana.

    15. Theodore says:

      This is a harassing number