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    1. William says:

      Car warranty scammer keeps calling for multiple days.

    2. Christian says:

      Supposedly a free trip on a ship

    3. Aubrey says:

      sure, want to by a vacuum cleaner

    4. Mitchel says:

      asked if I wanted to buy insurance.

    5. Andre says:

      Call about some diabect thing

    6. Burt says:

      Just received a call from this number, they knew my name and when I asked who was calling they said Medcare, ofcourse being at work, I dont like being on the phone so I just hung up - but called back and they do have an option #2 to be added to their DO NOT CALL LIST - so please call them back and have your number removed - ALL my numbers were added to the Official DNC list but that seems to be a huge joke!

    7. Denis says:

      it only calls then hangs up. when i call back i get a operate .

    8. Glen says:

      Definately SPAM...called back and got a long automated message saying I subcribed to them last Nov. 2009 (which I didn't) and by calling today I am now entered into a daily drawing and then a long list of offers. Finally a way to unsubscribe by choosing #5. Then they still try to persuade you to NOT unsubscribe before putting you on do not call list. Hopefully the time wasted listening to their nonstop BS will now stop..crossing fingers..lol

    9. Lucien says:

      Do not know who caller is but is calling me and others receving harrassment. It being done to others some scam. A number people complaing stop the harrassment.

    10. Broderick says:

      This number call all freakin day long omg

    11. Trinidad says:

      Really..why would you say that?

    12. Ronald says:

      Received harassing calls and text

    13. Carol says:

      Calling and calling, but no message.

    14. Harland says:

      This number showed up on our kid's account--over 40 text messages to and from in about 30 minutes!  Unknown number, kid was in class, phone supposedly off--no way the band teacher would have missed this fast paced texting!  What's up??  Area code search yields nothing.  Sent inquiry to provider.

    15. Norman says:

      I saw an earlier note that said it was a company called CES which I believe stands for Consumer Energy Solutions which is a telemarketing company based in Clearwater, Florida calling regarding electric service.  I also received a call at work and then my cell.  I didn't answer either time and they left no voice mail.