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    1. Kenny says:

      Spam. They keep calling me asking if I want to be added to a list of contracting vendors. I say no, ask to be removed from the list but they keep calling.

    2. Samuel says:

      Did not answer and they did not leave a message

    3. Johnathon says:

      Trying to selling magazines

    4. Charlie says:

      they keep txting me and wont tell me who they are

    5. Fabian says:

      ChaseVerizon business landline from Wilmington, DE

    6. Roberto says:

      yesterday i received a voicemail from Mr Richard Smith stating that he is representing some attorneys in regards to a loan that i had in 2007 or 2008, so i called him back and it went to voicemail he also left me anthoer phone to call him back which is (6782425225) which caller id states Liburn GA...so i called that phone # and it went to the same voicemail, (i did not leave a msg)....This morning Mr Smith calls me again and said did someone call me i said i received a call from you yesterday he said well your phone # came up on my caller id, he said are u returning a call i said yes he then wanted to know if i had a case # said no...this lying a** motha fuc**r was not able to find anything so i hung up...he called back i let him talk to my husband and my husband let him have it...Mr Smith said that my loan was 500 and some change which is so incorrect my loan that i had was $200.00 which $80.00 has been paid back due to i call ACE to verify after i spke with MR smith....i told the loan ppl that this guys was calling me and hurrassing me and telling me that i own money...the loan ppl said that they dont call and once a loan is taking out an not paid back it goes on ur credit as a chharge off......so if any one gets a call from MR Smith hang up.....he is a scammmmmm broke a** ................

    7. Jessie says:

      received a text same as others from different 347 numbers. Says "You have been randomly selected for $1000 BestBuy Card. Get your prize now at www.bestbuys.com.1000prize.net/?id=IchIhyrrwr

    8. Mel says:

      They got your cell phone number because you probably recently signed up for credit somewhere or used your SSN for something (like utilities)

    9. Jean says:

      I received a call from New A Co today 2-21-12 from 360-529-6130. I answered by the my small business Co. name twice and received no response.

    10. Dylan says:

      I got an illegal prerecorded solicitation call from this number (according to Caller ID) that was for Nationwide Home Security Systems.

    11. Alfredo says:

      10808 Ruckle Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46280. Woman that calls and hangs up constantly. Kristina Dianne Kelm (Aka Kristi Kelm and Kristi Rivers).

    12. Thad says:

      Answered call and go immediately disconnected.  Called back recording said number was not

    13. Waldo says:

      They want me to pay 300 dlls because they say I comite fraud but they won't give any info!!!

    14. Lewis says:

      they kept holding phone then hanging up. call back saying curse words

    15. Earnest says:

      Had three calls so far, I have not picked up any of them.