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    1. Huey says:

      I answered first call, no response, but I could hear someone breathing before he hung up.  I answered the second call with "hello" and a man asked "is this the stripper store?"  I hung up after that.

    2. Lloyd says:

      This number is showing up on my 11 year old son's cell phone and sending him text messages.  It needs to stop.  Obviously he is a minor and it is bordering on harrassment.  He never knows when it is going to ring and we do not have a texting plan on his phone.

    3. Nickolas says:

      This is a telemarketer trying to sell pills for weight loss, or so that's what they said.

    4. Randy says:

      Gary is 1 a his tricks... or the other way around.

    5. Sol says:

      SMS messages were sent from this # to one of our business phone #s that was used by a fired employee. A couple of the messages were related to an illegal drug, slang name "Molly". One was asking for the employee to fine "Molly" for them. Finding the person who sent this message may help to find a connection to an illegal drug dealing circuit. Your help is appreciated.

    6. Jamey says:

      Calling with foolishness

    7. Gaylord says:

      Received a call from this number but did not answer it - identified by ringing 1471. So glad to have found the number and comments here as it was puzzling me who it could be...obviously nothing important!

    8. Andrew says:

      I jus got a call not even an hour ago...they have all my info for sum reason.this has gta b a scam. they even have my address an im frickin paranoid cuz ino i dont owe any money. i jus hung up on them.

    9. Stacey says:

      It is definitely a scam. I do not have and have never had a chase card or any financial dealings with chase. However, they managed to get a number for a test line at work and repeatedly call it asking for information. I work for a telco and this number they keep trying to call belongs to NO ONE. Add to that the fact that if you request a debt collector to stop calling your number, they must comply and continue with other forms of debt collection to resolve it. Do not even try to pass this of as legitimate.

    10. Jamaal says:

      Don't know who this is; text msg said: 3023326708: You have been chosen to Test & Keep the Iphone 4s for free with free shipping. Goto Http://ipad3tests.com . Enter: 9868 on 3rd page. You have up to 24 hours

    11. Mason says:

      If you received a phone call from 209-642-4483, you probably got a virus on your computer... the virus (malware) has asked you to enter your phone number and your credit card info to help you to clean up your computer... if you have entered your information, you will receive a phone call 24 hours later from a person... Cancel your credit card as soon as possible...!!!!

    12. Gerard says:

      # 985-235-9216 Received call stating that I had filled out a survey. (I did not) Told caller they were wasting my time and cell minutes.

    13. Justin says:

      Asking for the wrong person about a structured settlement

    14. Wilburn says:

      This is pinnacle financial group, they call from numbers all over the country, they are rude, refuse to provide statements and accuse of all sorts of things. Also tried to get me to admit to the debt since the call was being recorded.

    15. Willard says:

      I forgot to say that it was spam and I never went on their website nor subscribed for texts...