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    1. Lyndon says:

      They've called me 5 times in the last 24 hours, as has 505-990-0370!  I do not answer.  Does anyone know how we can stop or block these?

    2. Markus says:

      foreign guy asking for help called 3x.....

    3. Laverne says:

      Calling from rent to own for wrong person

    4. Lamont says:

      tried to act as they knew me as a business contact and attempted to

    5. Reinaldo says:

      The caller did not leave a voice message. When I called back, I got a message that said "I am sorry this voicemail box is full."

    6. Jamey says:

      Filthy profanity, harrassing voicemails from caller I've never met, persistent calls

    7. Mitchel says:

      trying to give us access to money, nuisance spam to my cell

    8. Cleo says:

      He's a total scam - do not return any emails or texts.

    9. Cristobal says:

      Caller says:  Officer Vito, my direct line is 866-244-2312.  I'd like to meet officer vito because everytime i call back, all i get is an answering machine with kids and people shouting and screaming in the background.  Calls at least 3 to 4 times a day, from that same number with different people calling.  Isn't impersonating a police officer a crime?  Left message calling himself Officer Vito twice on my voicemail.  We will be turning this over to our attorney.

    10. Beau says:

      Very good points you have added to the discuss.  I would also suggest those called find the website for "Clerk of Courts" office in their local county.  Many have a free "case inquiry" or "case look up" system.  They can search under "civil" or "small claims" court for their name being listed as a "defendant"

    11. Bruce says:

      got another call from this number,a spanish speaking lady ask for a taxicab, could not find no list of this number whatsoever.she also called from 852-904-9794, anybody else get these calls ? same lady both calls.they number that came up is 1-020-661-559 [weird] i just now called an operator, and she said the 852 area code is from hung kong,china. the other number has no listing period.

    12. Kim says:

      do not make the phone ring.

    13. Coleman says:

      no answer.. from illinois

    14. Alberto says:

      I got a really disgusting text from this # today.  They knew my name.

    15. Ira says:

      Text message says, "You've won a $1000 Walmart giftcare. No purchase required. Go to http://bit.ly/Lb3vMH on your phone and enter your special code XXXX to claim it now"