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    1. Erik says:

      This company will not give me any info about them. Told them yo send me to court so I can know there a real company and they will not. I called there number back and they answered the number like a house phone and not a business. I wouldn't give them any of my bank info don't trust them.

    2. Jim says:

      Calls and hangs up without leaving message.  Why are politicals - of all people - allowed to ignore the do not call list?  Very annoying to have to stop what you are doing to check this kind of stuff out.  Should be illegal.  My phone, I pay, they are harassing me.

    3. Evan says:

      I got same thing after posting car ad for 2009 Audi A4 - Gave travis.mcdonald1@hotmail.com email also.

    4. Emile says:

      Please block this number from my phone.

    5. Julian says:

      I received a call today from this number 310-209-8599. It was shortly after completing an online application so I suspect it is related to that.

    6. Hal says:

      keeps calling but does not speak english

    7. Ron says:

      from Branson Travel. Did not answer!

    8. Marcellus says:

      Boys and girls, no matter how pissed you get, no matter how rude you get, no matter what you tell them, they will continue to call. Heck, when they call and ask for me by name I tell them that that person passed away last year. They offer their condolences and hang up...........BUT, they continue to call. I even called the phone company to complain and they told me that I should list my number on the "NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST" (it's already there). I laughed and told the person, "you know as well as I do that that doesn't work." She laughed and acknowledged that it really doesn't. And the FCC is a joke, they get so many complaints they can't begin to keep up with them, as if they really care. One can have the number blocked, I think, but this company changes numbers so often that your head will be spinning from blocking them. So, what to do????? Sit back and stay mad. The callers are "cold calling" for a company called Canaidian Pharmacy.

    9. Jack says:

      This number keeps calling me, saying they have free gifts for me. Don't know anything about them and wish they remove my name and number.

    10. Dino says:

      I got the same message at 10h15 this morning.

    11. Royce says:

      gentleman called me (321-224-8053) and said i have a civil suit against me and need to call to verify w/my case number....bull crap, second call i have had from this same scenerio about 6 months ago.  who can we call and complain too!

    12. Fletcher says:

      Called me twice between 11:00am and 12:35pm, hung up both times.

    13. Garfield says:

      I got calls from these people for months and they had my credit report... They said I had a bill in collections and that they would settle for a certain amount...

    14. Cyrus says:

      This time it was for Home Insurance

    15. Antonio says:

      i asked them who they are calling they hung up on me....lol   yet  want my business?