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    1. Gale says:

      Everything everyone is saying just confirmed what I have experienced too from this number.  Just this morning it called 3 times in a row without leaving a message.  I did look up area code and said it was in Texas.  I believe they left a voicemail previously that said about Loan Modification.  I am reporting it.

    2. Frederic says:

      What type of techniques can be used to avoid spam calls?

    3. Laverne says:

      I got a text at 2:47am saying "your entry from last month has WON! Goto http://bit.ly/J0CNGw and enter your Winning Code: "1122" to calim your FREE $1,000 Bestbuy Giftcard!

    4. Rico says:

      Attempt to commit fraud on a brand new Apple, iPad unit out of Central Los Angeles, California District 3 through the (South Jersey) NJ Area of Craigslist.com (electronics by owner). This number and it's informant details have been reported to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THIS TELEPHONE NUMBER. PLEASE REPORT ALL ACTIVITY IN REFERENCE TO THIS NUMBER TO YOUR STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY.

    5. Emery says:

      ABC warehouse for extended warranty.

    6. Dylan says:

      they are a marketing compnay promoting various job fairs.....they pull resumes online, and contact job seekers to notify them of the job fairs, and also call you back a few days befire to confirm if you'll be there.  No harm, just annoying.

    7. Jorge says:

      I got a call from this number. When I say hello, they hang-up. I've answered with out saying a word, just dead air then a click.

    8. Warner says:

      Got a cell call on 10/4 claiming I was being named as a guarentor reference for a primary suspect (name of a person I knew) The guy's message was was kinda garbled and he sounded like English was definitely not his first language...after listening 5x, it sounds like he said Officer Kerrie Wright and I needed to call him before i have legal trouble like the person he named in the call. When I replied via voicemail (since the call did not show on my phone only vm) it went straight to vm and I left a few strong words and told him to call me again...but I did not leave my number. Let's see what happens, I plan to tell the named person today.

    9. Gene says:

      Tanisha Patterson called an threaten to kill me she also texted me to be Ready web she see me!

    10. Wes says:

      Won't stop calling/text me »:[

    11. Isiah says:

      Call & hang up! All hours.

    12. Hugh says:

      Am I unaware of some new loop hole with the do not call list I enrolled with some time back? This "company" has begun calling my cell number.

    13. Rocco says:

      this number is from Stellar Recovery and cb# is 866-860-8796. keep leaving messages on my phone for someone who doesn't exist at this number, nor have they ever. google the above number and there are a lot of postings with the utah CID#, also 312-878-8627 and 916-596-2666 for CID #'s. they are annoying harassing and file FTC complaints as they will not stop calling and will call at least 2x daily.

    14. Sydney says:

      they keep looking for Ron

    15. Hiram says:

      bill collector changes number every day so they can catch you slipping. then wants you to verify information before telling you what the call is about.