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    1. Mohamed says:

      I have never heard of physical contact coming from a telemarketing scam artist. What kind of contact?

    2. Micheal says:

      Yep it's a collection agency calling for someone who my number does not belong to!

    3. Malcom says:

      This number calls our house a couple of times a day lately. They never leave a message on the machine. If I try to talk to them, they seem to have my name but they are either hard to hear or not native English speakers.

    4. Malcom says:

      Be careful will steal money will due your brother dude nasty

    5. Val says:

      No clue who they are call constantly

    6. Rhett says:

      Yes, I got a call from this number saying that I ha to go to court for a ticket I received in slocomb Alabama. I did not get a ticket in slocomb. This number has called and texted me and when I call it says this number has been disconnected

    7. Florencio says:

      This is the number that is used by Google.com to transfer SMS text messages from computer to text when sending to and from Cleveland, OH. Innocuous.

    8. Clemente says:

      The message was "Happy New Year" and the call was received at midnight. I don't know who sent the message!

    9. Derek says:

      Another post from another web site said it was Capital One Survey Group.  Just ignore

    10. Emilio says:

      tried to say they were the government yet couldn't speak English

    11. Royal says:

      Progressive Insurance Agency2833 S Colorado BlvdDenver, Co 80222(303) 317-6841http://progressiveinsurancedenver.com

    12. Chase says:

      this is some scammer spammer - no one on line when you answer - if you call back they say - everytime we call you you are entered in a daily drawing. I never requested that , but you have to hit 1 and wait on the line while they tell you what a terrible mistake it is to cancel. Just wait it out and hit 2

    13. Van says:

      This is BS stop calling my phone

    14. Mohammed says:

      They call and don't say a thing

    15. Warren says:

      Yep, the old survey routine... they'll promise to remove your number, but you'll start getting calls again in a few months... You can add them to the list of companies that ignores Do Not Call. I found a call blocker a few months ago at http://www.BlockTelemarketers.net that works really well... with the push of a button it permanently blocks any more calls from any unwanted phone number. It's been a godsend, as I think I'm on every phone SPAM list in the world.