609-471 Phone Me Not

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    1. Santiago says:

      It's a complete scam. Try swearing at them. They swear right the hell back. Why? Because they don't work for the yellow pages.

    2. Evan says:

      Told me that we had to call her because it was important and about our son.  She gave no other information what so ever.

    3. Christopher says:

      Annoying Arab with very poor English keeps trying to tell me Im approved for a loan I never applied for and tells me I have to verify my bank account information. When I refuse he curses hangs up then waits a few minutes to call back under a different American name on his script. Its extremely annoying!!!

    4. Lenard says:

      I hate this bi*** she aint no one but a collector that is old rude disrespectfull and stupid. I called to pay a debt and she was so nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i told her i wanted to speak to a supervisor she said no i said i wanted her whole name she said no and then she hung up on me. People like her should get FIRED i would have paid if i didnt have such a Bi*** on the other line know she can kiss my a**

    5. Billy says:

      sorry the number you are trying to reach has a call block on you

    6. Lyndon says:

      Don't want to be bothered with

    7. Claudio says:

      keeps calling. One time caller left a message asking to call back for an important message.

    8. Dwain says:

      he's playingsaying on my phone harassing me.

    9. Martin says:

      Someone text me from this number in regards to my listing on craigslist. At the end of the conversation they wanted to pay me via PayPal to send goods to West Africa. I replied "Get a life and a real job". They never responded after that. Obviously a scammer.

    10. Leslie says:

      Got this call tonight. Clearly an Indian man, calling from inside a garbage can, telling me my software was acting incorrectly.

    11. Robt says:

      Spanish voice recording... Smh

    12. Randall says:

      Someone keeps calling and leaving messages saying that I owe him "14 day's pay". He claims to be John, and refers to me as "Steve", and doesn't mention what "work" I supposedly owe him for. I don't know whether this is a scam or a wrong number, but judging by the number of times I've been called by him and texted by him, in addition to the lack of information, I'd say it's probably a scam.

    13. Rickie says:

      come to ireland dublin casleviwl aston avue 29

    14. Laverne says:

      This number has called me. Does anyone here know him/her?

    15. Jamel says:

      What location is this phone number?