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    1. Danial says:

      Claimed to be from some firm (did not say the firm) simply that there is a complaint about misrepresentation of a check for funds or something... I write checks for two things none of which would do this so I am calling BS, called every day for a week in May left a message once, called tonight left the exact same if you do not respond by end of today legal action may be taken.. I am curious how times they will actually leave that message before they stop or actually take legal action they claim they are going too... I thought they were going to in May I guess they decided to be nice and give me an extension... Oh they also claim it is tied to your SS# so I am sure it is scam crap considering they do not even address me by name.

    2. Virgil says:

      Ask u if u wanna go back to school

    3. Art says:

      They bug me too much I don't know them

    4. Buford says:

      recorded call about making money at home.

    5. Lon says:

      just want to block his number and texts

    6. Derek says:

      Says please hold some one will be with you, and never connects

    7. Graig says:

      I go a call missed it called it back and it said it was disconnected

    8. Jayson says:

      Said it was from a Steve Miller

    9. Rogelio says:

      Called my cell left no message when I tried calling back got the "call could not be completed"

    10. Manuel says:


    11. Ray says:

      Did not recognize the number, so did not answer - it is 12:40pm and we are in NH they called my cell number. so i decided to look it up.

    12. Antoine says:

      Received my Canadian landline call at 7:37 p.m. (PST), Mar 2nd.  Frustrating autodialers. Thanks for the comments.

    13. Trevor says:

      I was told  to contact you the promo coordinator for my prize

    14. Ryan says:

      Don't know, they were speaking in Spanish..

    15. Edmond says:

      We keep getting calls from this # and others saying they are calling regarding our "free" on-line listing for Yellow Pages. I keep asking for our company to be taken off their call list to no avail.