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    1. Felton says:

      These people are freak They call me a lot.

    2. Harrison says:

      How do you find out someone's name by their phone number?

    3. Trevor says:

      calling at late hours with a recorded political speech.

    4. Gonzalo says:

      Received 3 texts at 3:44 a.m. 2 forward pics of woman's chest in a bra. 1 text saying "call jacenta...single<\3..."

    5. Jerry says:

      This is crazy stalker from my past ,and they keep getting my new phone numbers! How is my question, they never get a chance to say anything because I never answer their calls .

    6. Rob says:

      Same caller as 503-290-1201

    7. Jamey says:

      Called my cell phone. If calls persist & are credit card related will report them to Federal Consumer Protection Bureau

    8. Horace says:

      Gotten a few calls over the last couple days.  They hand up immediately.  On my iPhone when I glanced at the screen as it closed, there was a dialog box asking me if I wanted to "Launch" or "Close" something.  I didn't see what it was as it only lasted a second.  I don't know if it was related to the call, but it was something I haven't ever seen before.

    9. Jewel says:

      To say "remove from the Do Not Call List" means "Please call any time you like".

    10. Andreas says:

      4 CALLS! Just keeps calling, no messages.

    11. Devin says:

      It's a pre-recorded message whereas I have to say hello twice and loudly in order for the recording to start. It's a man sayiing he's from a home security company. I suspect that they are trying to see if people have a security system in their home. I do - but what if there is a line of questioning and someone naively answers they don't. I just hang up but there have been days where they have called two to three times. It happens a least once a week for the past few months. I don't have call block on landline.

    12. Ty says:


    13. Dusty says:

      Hung up, called back and didn't leave message on 1/4/2010

    14. Ramon says:

      I am getting calls from this number, but when I answer no one is there. I googled this and found out it is advertising for college money. I don't know how they got my number, it is an unpublished land line. Wish I could block it.

    15. Benito says:

      I got a massage from gambeling site. It is really annoying