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    1. Everette says:

      They call but don't communicate.

    2. Chase says:

      Ditto previous messages re 210-198-4422.  I guess the "Do NOT Call Program" is broke, huh?  It doesn't seem to work on my phones!

    3. Jackson says:

      Received Same message except you can spell, they can't.k

    4. Rocco says:

      working a nerves please stop tgem from calling me

    5. Isaac says:

      career school. won't stop calling me.

    6. Cletus says:

      They call everyday and i pick up and hang up right away.

    7. Guillermo says:

      I received a text on containing the following: "Please call 8778919915 Your $200 Rebate Voucher is Ready Thanks for visiting the website Re STOP to Unsub/DNC" I was told I would get a package in the mail in 5 days containing a $200 Voucher to Wal-Mart and a bunch of other garbage like 50% off card, etc. The catch is they ask you to pay a $4.95 shipping fee to ship the package. It turns out that in addition to getting the "voucher" I'd also be getting 2 programs with a 14day free trial, and if I don't wish to continue using their product I can call 18004806936 and cancel the $30 monthly subscription payments. I immediately called that number after hanging up and, believe it or not, an automated teller informed me to call back during store hours.I did some research & checked out Wal-Mart's site, after reading through it I realized that I had definitely been scammed. Wal-Mart states that winners of the sweepstakes will only be contacted through either Fed Ex or certified mail ONLY.

    8. Theodore says:

      This contact that I don't know, keeps calling

    9. Jorge says:

      I am getting about 3-4 calls from this number per day. If a female voice answers, there is no response. If a male voice answers, they ask for a guy who used to live here. If this is Bank of America as someone else said, why are they not speaking if a lady answers the phone?

    10. Jude says:

      telemarketers, real pushy

    11. Teodoro says:

      This number started texting my friend so she started texting everyone she knew. When we knew what was going on we started texting everyone we knew and it kept going from there. No one has found out who the person is yet though...

    12. Bryon says:

      We have received several calls, sometimes 2 to 3 times a day looking for someone else. We have asked to stop calling and the calls still continue. These calls do not even pertain to us.

    13. Jorge says:

      The caller said they were calling for the district manager and that he wanted to set an appointment to speak with me about my Visa and MasterCard merchant services they said that I was paying too much and they want to look over my financial statements with me.

    14. Chong says:

      This was the only company that was able to get me a card after months of searching

    15. Samuel says:

      I got a call from this number on Feb. 22,2012@ 12:28pm