615-438 Phone Me Not

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    1. Gabriel says:

      I do not know you. Please do not call this number again.

    2. Burl says:

      Got a call from this phone number and let it go to voice mail. Didn't recognize number and couldn't decipher caller's name left on voice mail, but decided to call back since caller said my first name in the voice mail. While it was a man's voice on the voice mail, a woman answered the phone. Instead of a normal ring, music played before she answered, which means this number is a cell number. I couldn't understand what she said, so I hung up. Nothing more than that to report.

    3. Ernie says:

      Yes, they want to sell insurance. I told them I'm unemployed and have no money for insurance. I also told her that the government is going to take care of everyone, so we don't need insurance. That's what the people voted for. She rung up on me :)

    4. Randall says:

      Do you experience the beeping sound in your phone when you are in the middle of a conversation? It annoys me a lot!

    5. Russ says:

      smart alec wanted Money for someone cell phone.

    6. Tod says:

      I have 7 different numbers for ADA, which is the American Diabetes Association. They are persistent. I get 3-4 calls from them on some days and at least one every day.

    7. Hassan says:

      It's a collection agency, though of course the personnel don't identify themselves as such right off.

    8. Aron says:

      couldn't hear what they were saying

    9. Buck says:

      America america i don't no bout yall but im surely glad i told them im going to do a little researching before i

    10. Antonio says:

      Got email request for PV quote. Weird english syntax, but sent quote. Emailed shipping address with different name in new york. We requested credit card info upfront. Sent info with yet another name and email address. Changed the order. Then they sent yet another shipping address and email. We threw in the towel at that point. What a racket!

    11. Wilfred says:

      Credit card machine offer

    12. Buster says:

      Me too ! Also on Saturday around 05:00 (

    13. Harvey says:

      This person called and won't stop. Please do something about this caller.

    14. Emil says:

      I am receiving a message that is annoying me and want to report this number. It is a false message asking to meet up with me and I no no one at this number and have call display. canuck79@blah,blah blah don't care! need this to Stop!!!

    15. Pete says:

      I get phone call from this number but I do not know who they are