615-554 Phone Me Not

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    1. Garrett says:

      hi..frnds thanks for the info tat it s a airtel number.I'm getting calls from this number repeatedly for the past few days...

    2. Nelson says:

      Is this for real or just another scam?

    3. Dusty says:

      wants me to sign up to be ranked on Google

    4. Octavio says:

      Keep calling 5-930pm told them to quit calling didn't help

    5. Chi says:

      has called a couple of times. says that they need to verify my address. says that they have a call to transfer to me but that it is currently busy. do not even explain the nature of or reason for the call. very difficult to understand. probably someone who only speaks english as a 2nd language.

    6. Neville says:

      I did not get a chance to answer.

    7. Hilton says:

      Called on 6-9=2011 Came up on caller ID as "Service Message" left no message

    8. Chong says:

      yes, have received 3 calls fro them in the last 3 days. Just received one on the weekend. Very annoying.

    9. Santo says:

      Claimed that I won a prize. Wanted to know my address and my occupation.

    10. Nathan says:

      An automated voice asks you to hold, then another voice says you will win a Bahamas trip if you take their survey. To begin the survey you are to press '1'.

    11. Gregory says:

      This number calls in hangs up in your face.when calling back its always busy.oh this person will also laugh in hang up.

    12. Toney says:

      Money70.com They keep sending me text messages about loan's or free cash. If you say stop to one of them, they send you text from another number.

    13. Demarcus says:

      I wouldn't worry about it because i'm pretty sure everything they are saying is illegal.  Just tell them you know its a scam and hang up.  i haven't gotten a call back since but that doesn't mean i won't get one again!  I have had 3 different people call me and try to get me to send them money!

    14. Wes says:

      whoever is calling, never leaves a message. We don't answer phone calls from numbers not recognized.

    15. Leonel says:

      This was a text stating that I had left something at Best Buy. I inquired who it was. They replied back..."LOL, you forgot to give ME your number. I hope you don't mid that I decided to get it for myself..." I have not been to Best Buy in a very long time, so it seems to be a weird prank.