615-575 Phone Me Not

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    1. Phillip says:

      Free security system scam, same sorry operators that were doing the Rachel from card services a few months back.

    2. Steven says:

      This number is harrassing me. A lot of times they do not even answer when I pick up. They call all day long and all evening sometimes as late as 10:00 PM. They are calling my private phone number.

    3. Terrence says:

      I have gotten several calls from this number and each time I answer nothing happens for 30 seconds until I hear a computerized voice say "goodbye" But today there was some guy with an accent on the other line that hung up quickly when I asked who he was. This is some kind of scam be careful!

    4. Edwardo says:

      Harrassing sweepstake calls

    5. Jean says:

      I didn't pick up. When I called back within minutes, Verizon wireless bot said it was disconnected.

    6. Charlie says:

      It's a school district. No worries.

    7. Sang says:

      I received a call from this # on my cellphone. The man claimed to be from Visa/Mastercard and wanted to see if I was interested in getting my interest rate lowered and would I answer a few questions?  I hung up.  Mastercard NEVER calls my cell.  Only calls my home phone.  When I called the # later on to confront the guy, a bogus message comes on saying the call couldn't be completed.  What idiots they are!!  They really think people are that stupid?

    8. Oscar says:


    9. Bertram says:

      Left no message. I don't answer international calls ever!

    10. Barney says:

      "Clint Elliot" called our home looking for a mythical "neighbor" and told us he found our name in the book as living next to the person he was looking for.  He was very rude.

    11. Gerry says:

      wondering who the number belongs to

    12. Dorsey says:

      Kindly help me STOP receiving messages coming to my phone as first as you sent it.

    13. Edmund says:

      Didn't leave a message, just got the number, also call from 223-9996 yesterday

    14. Luis says:

      Yes - hung up before I could answer. Buzy signal when calling back. From Montgomery, WV listed on my iPhone.

    15. Paul says:

      Keeps calling over and over about some debt I don't have and says that they will keep calling until I answer. Then say something about cash now.