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    1. Adalberto says:

      These fools keep calling my work and tell me I am being sued for something or other. Heck you can't even understand the fool. There must be something we can do to stop them from harassing people.

    2. Arnold says:

      Keep asking for some dude name randell

    3. Modesto says:

      I have received 5 calls from this number in the last 3 days on my cell phone number. It's always a hangup. I've called the number back twice, during office hours, and the message says that it's a company that "helps" nonprofits with their fundraising efforts. In otherwords, telemarketers. I have no idea why they call so much and hang up. If anyone knows how to make these jerks stop calling, I'd love to know.

    4. Mary says:


    5. Gene says:


    6. Duncan says:

      This was a call from St. Boniface hospital - I think it is the pay phone there. For sure it is the hospital - answer it if you see it come up. My grandmother phoned from this number to tell me my grandfather was at St. B

    7. Sol says:

      Don't know who they are they Call all day and night they start at 6am to 12 midnight

    8. Virgil says:

      This number is the State of Washington government.

    9. Carter says:

      just got this call. It was Spanish. i'm also in Chicago.

    10. Emmett says:

      TOTAL STALKER. Makes threats and wants cash to stop. Notified police.

    11. Alton says:

      Call this number the voicemail is registered to a jimmy wayne and he is busy. I am on the DNC list as well so if he doesn't stop calling I will be in contact with att... my possibly an atty as well... its annoying

    12. Jimmy says:

      Just received a call about lowing debt - They (Sheri) have called many times, first time they left a message. I filed a complaint with the Do not Call List - but this does not stop the calls. Too many loopholes in the law, so the caller can keep doing it - Just by changing their phone number every 30 days.

    13. Carmine says:

      they said hey jackie i have no idea whom they are.

    14. Conrad says:

      Hmmm .... yeah ... got an e-mail from "Match.com" from a woman who typed her letter in broken English ....... love you , very excited to meet you , I thought your picture and profile were truly amazing , wants to meet me, already feels a connection with me, oh.... but wants to communicate with a private e-mail address or by telephone ... Riiiiiggghhhhtt tttt !!!

    15. Taylor says:

      As always, I don't answer numbers I don't recognize. I decided to call this number back and there was an error message saying it was out of service