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    1. Donnie says:

      I have also been harassed by this company. They have been continuously waking me up early in the morning, and have even been calling in the middle of class, disrupting everyone around me. A computer program asks "is this Rufus Haines" and I have never heard of that name before! I have tried to get my name off of whatever irresponsible mailing list it must be on, but they make it is virtually impossible. SOMEONE HELP!! All of the victims of this scam need to team up and sue this company. They should compensate us for our sleep loss, and gray hairs.

    2. Roscoe says:

      Call, did not leave a message

    3. Kelvin says:

      They keep calling non stop .....how do I get them to stop? Who are they?

    4. Leonard says:

      called and left message that i won $100 from verizon but gives a false website.Spam.

    5. Fabian says:

      Heinous waste of technology...pitiful people please...use your time on this planet productively...spammers, scammers...next time Mother Earth calls, or quakes, or shakes, your phone will be useless...

    6. Martin says:

      Received a call from this number today.  A female voice asked for the owner, told her he's not in (Ha is was), she asked when he would be in, said I don't know he's in and out a lot. Before I could finish saying "Can I help you" the B*tch hung up.  So I just pressed *60 and now the number is block.  This is a free service from verizion.  Look in the information section of your phone book for more info about this feature.

    7. Mack says:

      Nobody says anything when you answer the phone. Very annoying.

    8. Blair says:

      I get three to fours calls from this number daily. I don't answer and they don't leave a message.

    9. Trey says:

      called at 8:30 p.m. It was a recorded message from a mortgage company.  I thought recorded messages upon answering the phone was illegal in California...why aren't these buffoons fined???

    10. Monty says:

      He left a message saying his name was Anhtony Barr.  Didn't leave a compnay name nor any substance in the message.

    11. Stanley says:

      This number no longer exist. Please try your number again.

    12. Thad says:

      my husbad got a text and several calls from this number saying his card was locked and wanted him to enter his card number he called me i tried to look it up and got nothing and when i called it it said put in your card number for debit

    13. Dallas says:

      calls constantly harassing me. makes alot of lewd and sexual remarks

    14. Bobbie says:

      This is a Scam, they asked me if I was the owner of a credit card ending in XXXX, then told me I "Won" a vacation. They want to steal your identity, don't be fooled.

    15. Chauncey says:

      Left a message, but it was just breathing and a little bit of singing.