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    1. Gino says:

      I get a call from this number every day! I won't answer as I know it's a sales call. How can I make them stop!?

    2. Alan says:

      consumer advocacy group voice automated caller

    3. Long says:

      The text said "your entry in our drawing WON you a free $1000 Target GiftCard! Enter "636" at target.com.crdf.biz so we can ship it to you immediately." Such crap! And this is not the first time I've received this sort of bogus message from different numbers.

    4. Harrison says:

      Caller won't leave message or identity

    5. Virgilio says:

      I just received this same message on 7-10-13.  This is not the first time I have heard  from Tony Anderson, I received these same calls from a different number a few months ago.  And now he has caught up with me again using this new number.  This is same guy, or group, that actually contacted my ex-husband (I haven't  used his same in 11 years),  and advised my ex-husband to contact me to clear up these charges!  The message advises me to contact them if I want to clear up these falsified banking charges OUT OF COURT.  I guess some people are falling for this, if it wasn't working they would work up some other scam.

    6. Rolland says:

      received several calls from this phone number on my private unlisted land phone. its a recorded message stating 'this is Mason......." I terminate the calls

    7. Quinn says:

      Text message saying "customer issue, visa service frozen, please call 270 495 0189." Lack of capitalization and the fact that I don't use my Visa lead me to believe this is a scam.

    8. Chet says:

      You're a scumbag, aren't you Mike?  How much did Kevin pay you?

    9. Mitch says:

      I don't know who it was but they said I won a free two day trip to the Bahamas and I had to pay 59.95 for something.

    10. Terence says:

      Someone picked up the phone but there was someone on the other line but I couldn't hear what they were saying.

    11. Jermaine says:

      a person texted "hey is this john??"

    12. Ira says:

      Several calls to my partner

    13. Grover says:

      These S.O.B.'s tried to get my grandmother about 1730 on 5 Janurary 2012. Since she was old and didn't know any better she gavr them her bank account info. Luckly she called me right after & I called the bank to put a hold on her account. Windows IT people my a__!!! Anyone that calls you to tell you that you have a problem with your computer & will fix it for a small fee is full of SH__!! Typical Africians that can't get a JOB!!!

    14. Octavio says:

      Trying to sell home security system

    15. Kerry says:

      LA fitness guys trying to enroll you in for a membership