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    1. Rueben says:

      He won't leave me alone I don't want him texting me at all or calling me he is a Stolker

    2. Tyson says:

      Called at 4:40 (est) did not answer.......

    3. Art says:

      They sent a text saying they liked my fb page and please call skype so we can talk lfc1997

    4. Merle says:

      ipad giveaway, received text 2;30 a.m….GRR!!!!

    5. Robbie says:

      My ex-dentist in Huntington NY uses this number to send me reminders to schedule/ask me to come back/wish me a happy birthday. Extremely annoying.

    6. Ty says:

      I get a call every day and have blocked them just very bothersome

    7. Clair says:

      spammers. wants money say I won PCH

    8. Sid says:

      My Son financed a car from Secuity National over two years ago.  My son (21) has signed himself out of the service and has not contacted the family.  We found out he signed himself after receiving a call from Vikki of Security National who advised us that he was no longer in the service and wanted payment or the car back.  

    9. Nigel says:

      678-202-9840 I am getting call almost everyday. When I pichup the phone nobody answered. I thought to check this number on internet and I found lots of people talking about. So I added this number in blacklist. And filed a complaint.

    10. Theron says:

      I also have no credit card and received a similar call, and have in the past.  Same result.

    11. Danny says:

      caller id: wireless caller. yet another robo call to help me with my credit card. i pressed 1 to talk to a live person. got a man with a thick, possibly Indian accent, who thanked me for calling him! i gently corrected him and reminded him that he in fact had initiated the call. i gave him a fake name and he was okay with it and started a spiel about lowering my interest rate for my VISA card. he said the card number began with a 4. I expressed surprise, telling him that I do not even have a VISA card. the line went dead. someone needs to get after these spam artists!

    12. Adrian says:


    13. Curt says:

      Continued calls no message

    14. Herb says:

      Said they were from Windows Support & that my computer( which hasn't been on or plugged in or connected to anything for a week) was uploading error messages that indicated it was infected...very persistent. Thanks for this service & the warnings!

    15. Stacey says:

      Received call on my cell phone.  Did not answer the call and no message was left.