618-242 Phone Me Not

  • 618-242-7992
  • 618-242-7993
  • 618-242-7994
  • 618-242-7995
  • 618-242-7996
  • 618-242-7997
  • 618-242-7998
  • 618-242-7999
  • 618-242-8000
  • 618-242-8001
  • 618-242-8002
  • 618-242-8003
  • 618-242-8004
  • 618-242-8005
  • 618-242-8006
  • 618-242-8007
  • 618-242-8008
  • 618-242-8009
  • 618-242-8010
  • 618-242-8011
  • 618-242-8012
  • 618-242-8013
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  • 618-242-8015
  • 618-242-8016
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  • 618-242-8018

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    1. Reggie says:

      received the same text as above.

    2. Graig says:

      I got a Text from this number on Aug. 7 @ 12:21pm Target winner#78171 we have selected you for a free Target gift. Get you $1000 Target Gift card now at WWW.tinyurl.com/d7K678

    3. Antonio says:

      The call comes from this number. When i do answer it nothing comes across.

    4. Wally says:

      Dead air. called back - "your call could not be completed as dialed..."

    5. Logan says:

      I dont no and sent me a porn text

    6. Mariano says:

      Calling my phone and want say nun

    7. Otis says:

      omg i received a callfrom thatnumber too lastnight!

    8. Kerry says:

      This is definitely a scam. I tried to look up the 158 exchange in the 201 area code and it does not exist. This creep is using a number spoofing device or software on his robo calls. I get numerous call from scum like this from the 201 area code with an exchange starting with the number. but they don't know that I used to live in the 201 area code and I know that there is no exchange that starts with a 1.

    9. Wendell says:

      Keep getting text message saying that I need to call the number because of some illegal active on my bank of america account, the crazy part about this I don't have a bank of america account.

    10. Barrett says:

      Called regarding lower my interest rates on cards I don't have. Hit 1 to speak to representative ... She hung up when I asked for her name. When I called the number back it says 'you have reached the national do not call registry' and then to enter your number. It's nonsense ... Don't do it!

    11. Davis says:

      Thank you Susan: I indeed have Omni Tech for my computer. They used to call from another number before. So, this is NOT a spam message.

    12. Karl says:

      Just received a call from this number. Best is to not answer any numbers you are not aware of.

    13. Cyrus says:

      I work for this company as well....I love my job and we like to serve you by helping you save $$$!!!!Pretty simple huh....You can try it or not its up to you. I advise you to though...you can save lots of $$$ if you use it right.Peace to telemarketer haters

    14. Wilbert says:

      College recrurer. Ontinuos to call

    15. Jonathan says:

      called and hung up around 3 or 4 times they only let it ring once