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    1. Jae says:

      He said that his name was steve and that he knew me.

    2. Bryce says:

      Everyday I get this number about 2-3 times and it drives me crazy. At first I was scarred but not I'm just annoyed. Grr.

    3. Olin says:

      They were trying to get me to ship a cell phone that i had for sale online to Africa. I ship phone and they send me money via pay pal. YEAH RIGHT.

    4. Rufus says:

      Got a giveaway spam message from this number.

    5. Arlen says:

      I keep getting calls from this number. They leave no message.

    6. Marvin says:

      Dan, Debra, Marta & Randall Bogrand. Lender Contact Assistance, 5611 69th Ave Ct. W, University Place WA 98467 253-565-3784.Contacts your neighbors if you're not home. Reported to the Attorney General.

    7. Jamal says:

      To call back use 1-888-372-2968. This number is for only one of the companies this firm represents but allows you to get to a person who can help.

    8. Todd says:

      They are web desiging professionals, They outsourced in some part Asia. They are really cheaper than our website developers who charge on hourly basis.They charge on completion of the work, And i belive that Guy Derrick is taking care of that..

    9. Romeo says:

      Thank you textplus.com! Free service military members use to contact family while serving!

    10. Wally says:

      We receive 4-5 calls per day from this number.  We received these calls for about a week, it stopped for a while, and it started again about 3 days ago.  It is a silent call (pick up and just hear clicks) and when I call it back, there is no answer.

    11. Rolland says:

      Thanks people!!  I looked up his job title and found this page. It helped me out and saved me time and aggravation. His new number is 9793182391. He said his name was Bill.

    12. Irvin says:

      A lady by the name of Kim Johnson left a voice mail saying she is with the ACS company. I have allegations on me and my identity. Please call her back on (347) 590-4535. This is a scam.

    13. Truman says:

      got a text message from this number (credit union of America) saying my card has been deactivated. I am to call this number to reactivate the card. I don't have a card from credit union of America also no card with number 4115. this is a scam don't return the call

    14. Carmelo says:

      block this numberblock any text from this number

    15. Johnie says:

      calls twice a week try to sell website services to my business