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    1. Humberto says:

      just got this call from wells fargo talked too refiance person last fri. now they want too go over my info before they send the papers again  im like the pervious poster it doesnt feel right

    2. Dannie says:

      prerecorded call for dental insurance

    3. Emmitt says:

      Posted on craiglist delaware electronics for ps3 saying husband got caught cheating so selling for $100 Also on craiglist philadelphia for ps3 saying son brought home last bad report card so selling his game for $80. Online listed under many escort services saying don't call with a blocked number. MUST BE SCAMMER BEWARE

    4. Kenny says:

      Calls many times a day. no message. call back asks me if I want to check the status of my application or apply for a new card.

    5. Rocco says:

      Has been TOLD TWICE "NOT TO CALL." KEEPS CALLING. That is sign this is 100% SPAM. SHAME on you, MR. Number for not indicating this.

    6. Reed says:

      I know alot of people who get messages from this #. Funny thing is they are all differant and ALL SCAMS !!!!!

    7. Corey says:

      Wouldn't say anything despite several hellos

    8. Monty says:


    9. Cristobal says:

      Lisa---did you actually attend this "meeting" and see if it was "clearly a pyramid scheme?"

    10. Larry says:

      Received a text from (310) 795-2819. "Your entry last month has WON! GOTO http:/bit.ly/N8ZrPA and enter your winning code: "1122" to claim your free $1000 Best Buy gift card! Text STOP to be removed.

    11. Oswaldo says:

      They prank called me and made racial remarks. Along with sexual slander and insults

    12. Austin says:

      Just got the same sort of text addressing me by first name as well. I responded by asking who it was and was sent a response saying "ha ha ha If you want to know who this is you gotta add me on yahoo messenger, my id is carloshau288".These scams are getting worse and worse now using text messages at 11 in the evening. Are you kidding me

    13. Ronnie says:

      These people keep calling me and calling me and calling me and it's getting on my nerves.

    14. Raphael says:

      Rachel has been calling me for 3 years. I have repeatedly asked not to be called any more to no avail.

    15. Scotty says:

      They did the same thing to me on Jan 23rd