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    1. Johnathan says:

      verify purchase information

    2. Bruno says:

      They keep Callin askin for another name I keep tellin them wrong number an they jus keep calling its a scam cuz I keep getting called even till 10 at night so its a scam

    3. Vincenzo says:

      It was automated system saying something about you the FDA and they want to put a small sign in my window and yard.

    4. Arnoldo says:

      I got a call from this number at 2:30 pm in Canada, I did not pick up

    5. Rhett says:

      And just how are you supposed to make up a social security number (and make sure it is not valid)? You are a moron, you as a private citizen cannot verify whether a SS number is really valid or not and the SS Admin will not give you that information. You can make up some information and feed them certain things, but you should NOT make up any SS numbers, or Drivers Licenses or any other governmental numbers to give to them.  Doing so may in fact be committing a crime. So, how many times have YOU done this? I'll have one of my people come talk to you and bring you a nice pair of silver bracelets, then WE can talk about it.

    6. Hong says:

      keeps calling with a fax machine.  multiple times a day.

    7. Carmelo says:

      Congratulations, you won a free Walmart giftcard for the upcoming 2011 Holidays! Go to http://giveprizes. com to claim it now!

    8. Raul says:

      this number is spam. please hang up on this caller

    9. Clarence says:

      This number just calls and holds the phone and never say anything..don't ask for nobody,so please stop this from happening or delete my number off they call list..it's very annoying thanks!!..

    10. Morton says:

      For me this was a legitimate call. They were calling to remind/confirm my Cardiologist appointment.

    11. Carson says:

      Called at 8:45 in the evening and left no message. I am on the Do Not Disturb List but still get telemarketing calls. Very annoying.

    12. Garret says:

      Got a call about my computer errors, was a person who is not to proficient in english language. Told him to buzz off, I refuse to deal with east asians, there a bunch of scam artists

    13. Keven says:

      Got a robocall from this number at 1:01 am, needless to say I was not happy!!!

    14. Augustine says:

      Called 9 times today.  Ridiculous.

    15. Cameron says:

      Literally a crazy person.