619-470 Phone Me Not

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    1. Boyce says:

      Just a call dead line - just a scam. I'm with Shaw digital phone so will just block the number. I just love doing that!

    2. Harold says:

      At least 100 calls this year

    3. Franklyn says:

      This keeps showing up on my phone detail...

    4. Ferdinand says:

      Definitely WEIRD!! Appears message is from Jenna... Mine read "Hey Angela how are you? Long time no see! I broke up 4 months ago however I'm ready to date again & I need some advice! Do you want to go for a drink?"

    5. Steven says:

      CLhasn't had email in 4 years

    6. Britt says:

      The person wont stop messing with me in peson so they call me. Please block there number from being able to contact my phone if possible

    7. Michale says:

      We had the same problem with this number as well... The number is actually legit... This is an autodialer setup by WAMU for people who opened a paypal account and chose not to renew. To get rid of these annoying calls, we spent 30 minutes going from one WAMU dept to the next until we finally got through.

    8. Carroll says:

      It was a recording & it was a woman speaking all spanish. I am african american I did not understand her at all & I don't know why that # is calling me...

    9. Eldon says:

      no calls or text message from this number.

    10. Errol says:

      Los Banos = The Bathrooms.

    11. Antoine says:


    12. Edwardo says:

      One text, with simply Hi ;)the last an attempt at a smiley face.

    13. Lindsey says:

      They use an auto-dialer that just keeps dialing numbers in sequence. They don't know home phones from cell phones from business phones, nor do they care. They don't pay any attention to the national Do Not Call list, nor to their own list they claim to maintain. Entering your number on their automated DNC list only gets it added to a list of real phone numbers they can sell to others. Considering all this; their disregard for federal law and their rudeness to people they are soliciting, do you want to trust them enough to do business with them? I didn't think so... What can you do? Keep them on the phone as long as you can by asking them to tell you about what they can do for you -- without giving them any real info about you. Just waste their time like they waste yours.

    14. Solomon says:

      This person called me thinking I am someone else and also received an MMS message of some nude bbw women looking like a turkey. This person is sick, the number he sent this to is a minor.

    15. Logan says:

      Just Do It Builders, Inc CA contractors license number = 623640. justdoitbuilders.com website registrant is Sharon Ben Shabat, contractor # = 984693.