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    1. Mel says:

      Call and when I pick up ,they drop the phone on me ,when I call back the number is not in reach .

    2. Fritz says:

      I received a call from this number at 3:31 a.m. they said "I found it" they laughed and then hung up.

    3. Royce says:

      Called and let phone ring alot while i was sleeping.  Got up and aswered thinking family emergency but just got hung up on.   Very irritating since i sleep days.

    4. Russel says:

      I too live in Cincinnati and received a call from this number. I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize...so of course - no message was left.

    5. Norris says:

      liar trying to sell merchant services

    6. Forest says:

      Cussing me out nd 3 to 6 in calls

    7. Pedro says:

      Crystal- Did you answer the call? If so, what did they say?

    8. Herman says:

      I received appx 8 texts from this number threatening physical harm to me and harrassing me with verbal slander. I have no idea who this person is. I know its a female because I called the # back and she answered. I am frightened for my life!! I need to know the name of this person so that I can give to my attorney Mr. Jeffery P. Medler. Please help me!! My name is Amanda Moore and you can contact me at 314-540-9096 or email me at horizonballoons@hotmail.com. I would appreciate your assistance in this matter asap!!

    9. Amos says:

      Please block this number, they are calling a business cell phone number.

    10. Cory says:

      Get a Panasonic phone with the features on it of answering in a voice telling you who is calling as it rings--you know who it is before getting up to answer the phone which is a neat feature--, BUT then the best part, it has the feature of blocking calls right on your phone. That is the only way, and works like a charm. You just enter the number you want to block, go thru a couple easy steps, and you won't be bothered anymore by these pesty spam callers. Highly recommend this!!! My phone is a Panasonic Talking Caller ID 6.0 PLUS model. LOVE IT.I think I bought it at Costco, but surely available in other stores. Costs a bit more, but so worth it!

    11. Joe says:

      This out fit has been calling me at any time, 7 days a week.

    12. Larry says:

      I’ve received calls from this bozo representing United States Pharmacy every week for months now. I’ve told this bozo that I don’t take any medications and to put me on their “Do Not Call List” I’ve also asked for a supervisor to do the same and she said that I would be put on their “Do Not Call List” it has not happened. This bozo has no honor or respect and is a very unprofessional person/outfit that I tell everyone I talk to or see to not do any business with him and keep spreading the word.I sure like DJ’s suggestion, even if you don’t have a whistle, just dial *67 (it does hide your land line number) or on your cell go to: settings-config-phone to change your ID and talk to the bozo and waste his time. He’ll be loosing business and if he ever changes his number and starts calling again we can start all over again.

    13. Graham says:


    14. Arlie says:

      Rec'd call yesterday & today on my cell phone from this #. Recorded msg about an important matter they would like to discuss with me. Left callback# of 888-460-4211.

    15. Brendon says:

      They have called me everyday for the past couple days but never leave a message. When i call back the number always rings busy.