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    1. Vernon says:

      Scientology. I'm sorry for you. It never ends.

    2. Hayden says:

      didn't leave message, seem to be mounting VoIP up minutes even though i hung up on them

    3. Benjamin says:

      They called me 5 times yesterday telling me I won a $100 Wal-Mart gift card and that all they needed was for me to pay 2.95 for shipping fee. They surprisingly knew my address and asked for my Credit Card info. I told them that they are a scam and to not call again. The individuals that call sound foreign.

    4. Wilburn says:

      They called me for the 1st time today.  I told them they would have to send me something in writing and if I did not receive it I would contact the attorney general of NC since that is where they are calling from.  I also told them they they were not allowed to call me at work according to my state laws.  She tried 1 more time and I didnt answer the call.

    5. Sandy says:

      Brad Lewis married cheats on his wife and kid

    6. Denis says:

      These people kept calling me and finally i just agreed and they never sent me a package and they just took money out from my account and now i cant even get in touch with them! They took out $149.80 and $59.95 from my bank account and now i dont know what to do!

    7. Jake says:

      Got many calls from this number.  One time after a pick up the phone, there is a voic message but once I start saying something the call dropped.

    8. Jeffrey says:

      A group of guys..prank calln me

    9. Darron says:

      He emailed me - not using his phone, but I require more info before I waste my time on quoting these folks (there are a million of these guys out there)

    10. Monte says:

      Mr. Cole called me from this number and threatened to report me to the credit bureau if I didn't pay my debt. When I tried to get more information about the debt. He hung up on me. He was very nice at the beggining of the call and then became irate when I started to ask questions.

    11. Alva says:

      Got a phone call from an out-of-state number that I don't "know" or recognize. I didn't answer, but looked up the number here. They left no message. I am on the National Do-Not-Call List, and have been for over a year now. (I guess this is our government at work for us.) I'm going to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints AND to https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx and see if that can get the government to work for me, and stop these calls. (Yes I will go through all those steps.) We should all pile on. [I have also bookmarked these URL's.]

    12. Alfredo says:

      Appears to be Optionshouse as you all have said, however it hangs up after the first ring. I suppose I'll just wait until they call again.

    13. Bill says:

      Stupid credit card that I dont even have

    14. Roman says:

      Did you ever get your money back?  I just discovered a charge of 64.43 on my card and have no idea who these people are.

    15. Damon says:

      he calls asking for john l tell him he has the wrong number he start talking very fast saying john was a v.I.p customer that had this number I told him to hold and I hung up LOL