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    1. Robert says:

      The person called and claimed I owed a debt from many years ago from a company that I have never heard of in my life. Be cautious, this appeared to be a phishing scheme. When I asked for information the caller began speaking really fast and refused to allow me time to write down the information. When I asked the caller to slow down so I could write down the contact information, the caller said "have a nice day" and disconnected the call.Caller ID: 1-302-394-6837Caller Company: Receivables Performance ManagementCaller Name: Cody Gibbens (or Givens)Caller Type: Collection AgencyCaller Objective: Phishing Scheme!!

    2. Chuck says:

      I said "hello" but there was no one on the line - i hung up.

    3. Gerardo says:

      got this weird call dont know who or what its from

    4. Sherman says:

      Stalker and creep down low

    5. Scott says:

      Alarm Company wanting permission to place a sign in your yard.

    6. Micheal says:

      you're so angry - i think

    7. Tommy says:

      Called THREE times withing 7 minutes and just hung up. I tried calling back on an old cellphone with just 11 minutes -service ending- and immediately got 4 test messages.

    8. Olen says:

      I have been receiving multiple calls from this number. All mostly in the evening hours, never leaving a message for the past several weeks.

    9. Wilber says:

      I received calls from this and numerous other numbers for eight years, several every month, asking for Lashena Jessup. I have told them on many occasions I am not Lashena, but I was listed as L Jessup for years now.  I'm no longer listed and yet they persist.  Today a man told me he thought I was hiding her. I asked for his name and he hung up.  I wish I could stop these irritating calls. I'm assuming these are debt collectors.

    10. Dustin says:

      I don't know who this company but this uy keeps calling me saying he's a police officer and if I don't call him back he wishes me luck with what is going to happen to me.....last I checked I'm not a criminal nor have ever participated in any criminal activity

    11. Hunter says:

      Unknown number one of many lately

    12. Manuel says:

      I did not get a phone call.  But this number is what my bank gave me for a $89.31 transaction that I know nothing about.  On my bank statement it says IP Online Health.  I don't know who they are but I am reporting it as fraud to my bank.  Please beware of these people.

    13. Allan says:

      Stop her from callin my phone harrasing me. Please

    14. Rodrigo says:

      I got a call from 310-356-0406 from Officer or Agent so and so...anyways, it's a scam and they kept calling me at work harassing me. Don't pay them any money. A collection company has to provide you info. on the debt in writing. Told him I'm calling the cops and filing a report against them and they hung up and haven't called since.

    15. Keneth says:

      Received call from this number. Did not answer.  ID states Tele Europe 2.