620-535 Phone Me Not

  • 620-535-7290
  • 620-535-7291
  • 620-535-7292
  • 620-535-7293
  • 620-535-7294
  • 620-535-7295
  • 620-535-7296
  • 620-535-7297
  • 620-535-7298
  • 620-535-7299
  • 620-535-7300
  • 620-535-7301
  • 620-535-7302
  • 620-535-7303
  • 620-535-7304
  • 620-535-7305
  • 620-535-7306
  • 620-535-7307
  • 620-535-7308
  • 620-535-7309
  • 620-535-7310
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    1. Antione says:

      Obvious it was a robot call,and called number back and at voice prompting hit the #9 which was supposed to remove me from list.

    2. Craig says:

      It's Walgreen's in Mobile..telling you your Rx is filled.

    3. Abel says:

      If you get an automated voice thin an ex number its facke

    4. Wendell says:

      I recived calls from someone only by leaving a three number on my phone and now the last number they called from was 112 can anyone tell me what this might be.

    5. Trevor says:

      Hello, not sure if you have written about this brofee but noticing your writings on the closure of the Ealing stroke unit, I feel that the merger between Ealing and NW London hospitals should be looked into. This is because Ealing is in a much sounder financial position than the latter together with the possibility of further closures. If you have written on this brofee then I apologise.

    6. Carrol says:

      they said they wanted to enter me into a contest.they didn't say what I would be winning. then they asked if I had a credit card.

    7. Jaime says:

      We started getting these calls over the weekend. They call one or two times a day and did not reply to "hello" when I answered the first time.  I have a friend in town who says she gets these calls all the time. Very odd.

    8. Shane says:

      I got a call and they said they are calling about a baby..and wanted to know my name and other information

    9. Donnell says:

      General investigations unit... They keep calling from different numbers saying that they're investigating a case

    10. Joaquin says:

      Didn't pick up. I did recently rent from Enterprise. How annoying

    11. Alfonzo says:

      A number that needs to be blocked

    12. Angelo says:

      Recorded message telling me that they can reduce my credit payments.

    13. Bernardo says:

      Keep calling even through their call is never answered!

    14. Lonnie says:

      Received a call 11:45am 12-22-10 that went to v-mail and no message was left.

    15. Luigi says:

      It my boo callin to tell me how muah he miss me and I can't wait to see him so I can kiss his juicy azz lips...LMAO