626-822 Phone Me Not

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    1. Minh says:

      Political spam. Robocall.

    2. Wilburn says:

      Just sit on the telephone and not say a word.

    3. Craig says:

      Home security....push one to remove number from list...yeah right they doubled their calls....

    4. Theron says:

      I didn't answer it... don't answer calls from #s I do not recognize

    5. Hans says:

      Calls once a day and does not leave a message

    6. Graig says:

      Calling in the middle of the night - letting the phone ring once and then hanging up. Startling to receive calls in the middle of the night and could not get back to sleep. Noticed others said same thing and one of them referred to Robo Calling. Must be transmitting from another country that they are so confused about what time zone they are calling and it sounds like SPAM and Telemarketing illegally - NDNCL registered for my number.

    7. Don says:

      This number called and it tries to sell you a cruise/vacation package...when it starts talking hit 3..it will ask for your number to remove it from call list ...

    8. David says:

      Caller ID shows "Thank You Call." I Thought That Was Kind Of Weird. No clue who it is though...

    9. Corey says:

      this number keeps calling me then hanging up!

    10. Damon says:

      I believe these cell phone companies sell our numbers and information. Otherwise, how are telemarketers able to call the same day of a new number? Wonder if we can request or threaten them not to sell/share our information. And if it would do any good. Think it is worth a try.

    11. Lyndon says:

      Persists in calling my daughter's cell phone. Sounds like black guy on drugs.

    12. Lindsey says:

      Are these spam calls can be prevented?

    13. Tyree says:

      Same tyype of call I got at work...I tried to cb but says "phone problems"

    14. Ernest says:

      Credit Card interest rates reduction

    15. Barney says:

      they called twice indicating they were conducting a survey regarding smokers in the home the seconde time they talked to my 10 year old asking all kinds of details. Are they not suppose to have permission to do this? Isn't it illegal to do a survey with a kid?