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    1. Romeo says:

      Thornton Credit Card Payment Processing offers Hi Risk Merchant Account, Hi Risk Merchant Services, Hi Risk Credit Card Processing, Hi Risk Credit Card Services in Thornton, CA.

    2. Lyndon says:

      my friends and i keep getting phone calls from each other when we're not actually calling one another. than we got calls from this number. each time no one was on the other line

    3. Granville says:

      Called this am and spoke with son (a minor); call ostensibly about my 'credit card accounts'. I have no more than one per financial company and none have the number called in on, so I'm calling 'telemarketer' on this #.

    4. Rudolph says:

      sent me a text saying i won a contest i didnt enter.

    5. Erin says:

      Keep getting calls from this number and they do not leave a voicemail. JSP

    6. Jarvis says:

      Asset Acceptance.  They called at 8 a.m central time.  They have another number 757 209 2019.   I have blocked both numbers and/or connect to fax machine.  I never pick up any of these unknown calls for any reason not even out of boredom.

    7. Mark says:

      The person using this number is a Nigerian scammer.

    8. Humberto says:

      This person has been sending me threatening. Texts from an app called pinger

    9. Deandre says:

      I was trying to call a friend and I misdialed. The nice man who answered was very polite and well mannered. I wish more people were like him.

    10. Josiah says:

      Wont take no thank for an anwser

    11. Modesto says:

      NCL Financial systems, debt collection.

    12. Eusebio says:

      Collectors that call all hours day and night.

    13. Lucio says:

      I called the number back and ur gave me an option to be added to the DO NOT CALL list.

    14. Rupert says:

      Asking if this was angel and I've told him her it no 5 times.

    15. Lou says:

      This # called, insists I owe a hospital bill in La. I told these guys I live in Texas and haven't been to any hospital in La EVER!! I asked if they could send me copies of the imaginary bill and they said "No, that's not possible".....I don't know how to put a stop to this nonsense!!