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    1. Hipolito says:

      Verizon letting you know you about to get cut off

    2. Emery says:

      Call from New Jersey to Nevada with 3 seconds of dead air, means only one thing...

    3. Jere says:

      Tracy Jones pretending to b a man

    4. Donovan says:

      It's American laser skin care. I didn't answer because I don't answer numbers I don't recognize. She left a voicemail the first time and the second time, I hit reject and got no voicemail. Definitely adding this number to the call reject list :)

    5. Charles says:

      Block calls from and to this number

    6. Columbus says:

      It's the American Red Cross, you obviously gave your number, how is that spam?

    7. Michale says:

      I have been getting calls on my cell phone for about 2 weeks. They will call from one number two or three times and then it switches to a number on the other side of the country. I believe there are 4 or 5 different numbers. They just call in a rotation.  Twice from each number. Voicemail is just silence usually, but occasionally hear "representatives are unavailable please hold" but they never answer.

    8. Weldon says:

      I recieved a call from some kind of lawer asking to transfer 650 euros to the Togo bank account.

    9. Von says:

      I got a text from this number and it had my name listed for caller info! as in my full name, I called verizon to make sure no one had opened another line in my name and they hadn't. no idea why my name comes up on the caller id biting not listed so its not like someone with the same name looked me up in the phone book

    10. Tommie says:

      Had to do with health insurance

    11. Cyril says:

      I won a cruise yeah right they say that u won a trip to hawaii and a hotel free everything pay but they just need your credit card

    12. Buck says:

      If you had a brain and did the reseach you would discover the the FTC is an Independent Agency.  You would also find the the Act that began the FTC in 1912 was done by President Woodrow Wilson a democrat.  I guess it is true what they say about liberals.  They would rather call people names and attack them personally than debate on facts and truths.  It is obvious to me after reading your tirate that you are ingorant to the facts or maybe you choose to just ignore them.

    13. Broderick says:

      He is currently in the Dekalb county jail on $200,000 CASH bond.  If you or anyone you know are a victim of his please contact Detective - Cook -770-724-7789  or email @ prcook@dekalbcountyga.gov.  If anyone know how to get in contact with the 22 year old young lady who killed herself behind this fool please give them this information.  Also, here is an email address- mishon_one@hotmail.com.  Let's pull together and get this fool.

    14. Huey says:

      I got the call last night and the caller could barely be understood. He said he was from the US Government, that I had been selected for a grant that I would not have to repay. At that point, I stopped him by saying, 'If you are from the US Government, you need to learn how to speak English', then hung I hung up.

    15. Erich says:

      Announcing a Republican party convention in Wisconsin for an upcoming weekend