630-528 Phone Me Not

  • 630-528-7884
  • 630-528-7885
  • 630-528-7886
  • 630-528-7887
  • 630-528-7888
  • 630-528-7889
  • 630-528-7890
  • 630-528-7891
  • 630-528-7892
  • 630-528-7893
  • 630-528-7894
  • 630-528-7895
  • 630-528-7896
  • 630-528-7897
  • 630-528-7898
  • 630-528-7899
  • 630-528-7900
  • 630-528-7901
  • 630-528-7902
  • 630-528-7903
  • 630-528-7904
  • 630-528-7905
  • 630-528-7906
  • 630-528-7907
  • 630-528-7908
  • 630-528-7909
  • 630-528-7910

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    1. Chadwick says:

      No answer on the other end

    2. Elisha says:

      They have been calling me once a day, asking for Jojo. I don't know who Jojo is, and I've told them they have the wrong number, but they keep calling back.

    3. Frederick says:

      They have called several times and always hang up when I answer.

    4. Tommy says:

      I was getting constant calls for almost a week then I looked around and found a blog comment for a do not call request service at 866-246-7196. They said this service is for a small number of companies that call consumers so I gave them the caller's phone number which they verified this phone number on their list then they added my receiving phone number. It took a couple of days for this process but it did work to stop the calls.

    5. Porter says:

      don't know the this number

    6. Alva says:

      Cash now. I ask them 2 stop and they sent 2 more text

    7. Ray says:

      Credit card merchant service company

    8. Julio says:

      They called both our cell phones!

    9. Darwin says:

      I'am tired of schools calling, not interested

    10. Quinton says:

      Add call. Recording message

    11. Asa says:

      we need report this people to the police they me robaron 360 dollars they say they r dish network agens but son falsos cometn fraudes

    12. Ruben says:

      Joleen, I too am victim of Banana Bana Baby.  I ordered my book after receiving the notification my daughter's photo was chosen back in May. When August rolled around and still no book but my account had the money withdrawn, I began to send e-mails and leave phone messages and never once out of all 12 attempts did I receive any response.  I then filed a complaint with PayPal who ended up ruling in my favor.  However, being there is no money left in BBB's account, there is nothing to give for refunds.  I then filed a complaint on 10/1 with the Atlanta GA office for the Better Business Bureau.  Banana Baby has until 10/16 to reply.  Unfortunately, I am not from the Atlanta area where this is a widely known scam.  There are news casts from the Atlanta area, investigations, etc.  Too bad I was not aware of this prior to placing my order.  Yes, I am very upset because I was scammed but I'm even more bothered by the notion they use my beautiful child against me.  I definitely feel your pain.

    13. Marion says:

      Escort Alert!He just wants to see your location

    14. Lavern says:

      They didn't say anything...blocked.

    15. Larry says:

      It's from the jail Allen county