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    1. Ben says:

      From "Bill". Sounds like we all won the same Lincoln Navigator. Left an 800 number to call. Googled that number and what do you know, they all won the Lincoln Navigator too. I spoke with Bill and he said I would get back with you and I told him not to bother since I did not enter no sweepstakes.

    2. Preston says:

      Just got a call from this number on my cell phone and reported it. You all should too.http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

    3. Dave says:

      How can I get these a***oles to stop calling me?

    4. Dusty says:

      Dude is a BB gay escort crack queen , hang up .

    5. Darwin says:

      It's from Midwest Airlines. They just called to tell me my flight times have been changed.

    6. Giuseppe says:

      Keeps calling at any giving time, will not let up.....

    7. Alonso says:

      got message about $1000 bestbuy card i hope whoever sent this goes to hell i will put a spell on this person and hope they burn in hell

    8. Darnell says:

      great news you are pre approved for up to 5000 in cash go to mycreditasap .com to activate

    9. Jess says:

      will not stop calling. and when I call back to be off the calling list the prompt just goes back in to a repetitive circle

    10. Tommie says:

      Got one text, asking "How many hours did you work Saturday?"

    11. Rhett says:

      How can I know if this person is a call spammer?

    12. Cyrus says:

      got calls from this number many times, ask if this is  ...., press 1. after pressed 1, then asked me hold, and then hang up. If not answer, then it went voice message. but never left any messages. I don't know who they are, and what they are calling for. I really need to get rid of it.

    13. Jamel says:

      Us Agencies Insurance Company

    14. Ernest says:

      Male caller asked if I still wanted to make money via the internet and I said I wasn't interested and asked him to remove my number from his calling list. He then asked me what i purchased for $97.00 or $47.00 and I asked him how he knew if I purchased something (which I did not) and he responded that he was the owner of the company. So I told him if he was the owner then he should know what I purchased. He then hung up on me.

    15. Michael says:

      Go to hell nd leve me alone fat b