631-205 Phone Me Not

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    1. Merlin says:

      No numbers like 325 -5040

    2. Roosevelt says:


    3. Sal says:

      Never give out any confidential infomation, for whatever, anytime. Ther are correct ways to transfer this sort of infomation and over tha phone is NOT one of them. This number is from Dun and Bradstreet, a debt collection agency. The account was in dispute and on sold. As a result this disputed account will never be paid and D&B will have to accept it. If any unwarranted actions occur as a result I will solicit my lawyer to commence legal proceedings against them. Man bites dog.

    4. Buford says:

      Said they were from Quickbooks Pro.

    5. Fredrick says:

      Grattis, du har valts ut fär en fri gåva från Apple. Besök

    6. Willard says:

      This number sends freaky messages to me does anyone know him/her?

    7. Rudy says:

      Vehicle services mechanical break dwn n towing want money u hav aaa warranty

    8. Adolph says:

      5125475082 I had someone with a heavy accent call my phone to pretend to be someone from the FBI stating they have me on file for a check advance company that I have never heard of and furthermore he had my social security number and cursed me on the phone. What can I do? I already have an id theft block on my social

    9. Robby says:

      Just got a call, to say that my computer was using 96% of Windows and that normal usage was 85%.

    10. Marcelino says:

      @Bobbi: National do not call list do work - for legit companies. Fraud company don't care.

    11. Felix says:

      no message, weird area code

    12. Nicholas says:

      got a textDo you need some money this week? Text "CASH" for info regarding a hassle-free loan application for up to $1000, without a credit check. "stop" to unsubscribe.

    13. Kelly says:

      If you get a phone call from a Washington DC area code it is a scam....just like the DO NOT CALL farce.

    14. Rudolf says:

      Called and had the wrong number

    15. Chase says:

      This company called me before from a florida number but today they called me from thisnumber 303 330 0439 and mr florez told me i had a cash store loan and they were going to take me to court he said the attorney was getting my file ready for court when i ask to speak to the attorney he said i could not which i found strange i know the laws and if i ask to speak to the attorney you have to let me. he then told me i could be arrested for bad check writing in illinois. speaking of illinois after contacting the Attorney General there in Illinois i found out his company client referral services is not even licensed to collect in the state of illinois the attorney general office said they were breaking the law by calling me about a debt and said i could sue them.