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    1. Ethan says:

      this is Virginia college .. they call 3-5 times a day ... from 3 or 4 different numbers... they will not take number off of there list and if you block there numbers like i have ... they just call from a new number ...it's so annoying ... just wish they would stop calling all ready... don' t they realize that the more they call the less i want to go to their school(which i never wanted to in the first place).

    2. Barton says:

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    3. Seth says:

      Hi, Its true. Brentt & co is all over the world making scam calls. I have received a call from +1 323 207 4111.. This was for a Finance Manager post offering a $ 70,000 pa. They wanted my complete attested certificates in order to apply for the job. The best part of the story was, when this guy was interviewing me over telephone, i happend to check on them in google.. and realised yet another time that i have wasted over scams.

    4. Malik says:

      Believe to be a scam.. Caller had a India accent. Claim to give me 9000 when I never filled out any type of paper work to receive such a prize. Also the caller ask for my account information & debit card..

    5. Alfred says:

      Got a call this morning and no one at the other end.  Tried calling back and it rang busy

    6. Randell says:

      They called two separate phone numbers with my employer, calling but not answering.

    7. Josh says:

      Yes I did get a text from this person.

    8. Danilo says:

      Her name is Britney. And she calls trying to sell sex

    9. Vern says:

      Got a random call. I don't know who it is and I don't know anyone with this number.

    10. Aldo says:

      It's advertisement, it'll call then hang up after their first ring. Disregard

    11. Evan says:

      I received a phone call from this number which appeared Unknown name. I answered and waited for the end of the line to answer but nobody answered then it went dead after few seconds..

    12. Olen says:

      and you are proabally the one thats with shebeen getting money from me for almost 2 weeks i havent seen her yet so if she is living in a car thats whats she wants to do

    13. Alden says:

      Jessica asking to upload pics

    14. Rudolph says:

      Text message that I have won a Best Buy gift card.  Log on to

    15. Lionel says:

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