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    1. Cary says:

      never leave message.calls 3 times a day.

    2. Laurence says:

      automated message. urgent matter.

    3. Hayden says:

      They said that I got $7000 in grant money from the u.s government

    4. Branden says:

      They called looking for the buisness owner, When it was advised that he was not present and I attempted to give him a forwarded number he proptly hung up on me

    5. Nestor says:

      Home depot measuring dept

    6. Valentin says:

      Calls multiple times a day. Doesn't leave message.

    7. Deshawn says:

      Just another debt collector thug posing as a law enforcement officer -- typical (and illegal) ploy.  You can report this to all the following law enforcement agencies:

    8. Grover says:

      it is a sex line and they texted for hours to my under age son.Wait until I try reporting them

    9. Felipe says:

      This company has multiple phone numbers

    10. Garry says:

      oh wow didnt know he was a trick and he steals his cousins girls to trick off with being he got a girl at home.

    11. Eldridge says:

      Calls, smacks like eating in the phone then hangs up after I say hello a couple of times.  Has called before.

    12. Lionel says:

      Called 3 times this morning. Hangs up as soon as the answering machine turns on.

    13. Ashley says:

      It is a dwpt collector that is rude

    14. Huey says:

      same here, wew am not the only one.

    15. Jimmie says:

      I got a text from 347-709-8495 "You have been randomly selected for a gift from BestBuy. Get your gift now at www.bestbuy.com.youre-a-winner.net." I figured I got a $20 gift card. But it was free $1000 gift card. I was like ... WHAT. Why would they give me $1000 when I haven't spent more than $500 at Best Buy over the past 10 years. Not like I'm their best customer. I shop at Walmart. Much cheaper and about same quality as Best Buy. So I got suspicious. I quickly Googled the Best Buy web address and sure enough the address starts the same, www.bestbuy.com, BUT Best Buy's official rewards page looks different and it has a different web address. When I looked again I realized that when I initially typed www.bestbuy.com.youre-a-winner.net I actually got redirected to a different page www.webbrandrewards.com, which has nothing to do with Best Buy. Good thing I checked before I provided any of my personal info. Remember people ... if it sounds too good to be true ... it usually is.