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    1. Monroe says:

      213-260-9139 . Identified themselves as Obrian law firm. I spoke with an individual named Ricki Jones. The guy had a very heavy accent. Asked if I'm aware that my SSN is being sued. Said that I had applied on line for a $300 Loan. Demanded that I should make payment arrangements. When I said that I'm not paying for something that I did not request or purchase he threatened me with Court and the Police at my door.After I told him to provide me with the Legal Documents and all proof and supporting Documents, I told him that this conversation was over and I hung up the phone.

    2. Vern says:

      i got a call from this number 1400490029.. Daily twice i got a call from this number, its disturbing my works.. Please tell me how to stop this service... Tankz

    3. Wilfred says:

      I get calls from this number (and one or two others) at least once a day. There's never anyone on the other end and it's really annoying so I stored the number in my cell phone as "do not answer" and then changed settings to ignore/automatically go to voicemail. This really helps as I don't have to deal with the calls interrupting me during work hours but I can still see the calls in my call log.Good luck.

    4. Benedict says:

      I talked to someone yesterday and said again to be put on their DNC list and that I would file harassment charges against them.

    5. Jewell says:

      Ocean Mover's from Old Orchard Beach ... NOT SPAM!

    6. Aubrey says:

      Recording trying to sell leads

    7. Jonathon says:

      dont bother me get a life

    8. Francesco says:

      I recieved a missed call and when I called it back no one would ever answer.

    9. Fidel says:

      Marlee or Marlene, just says "need a call back"

    10. Norberto says:

      They kept calling and they would hang up repeatedly.

    11. Caleb says:

      Benson Collins actually went through with sending me a check for 3,850.00 from NRG systems, INC. made out to me with water mark and everything! From some bank called TDbank in burlington VT

    12. Sydney says:

      One text stating "lol" with no response once I responded with "?."

    13. Cristobal says:

      Nothing but a waste of time

    14. Gerald says:

      Company Name:     Guckin's Appliance Repair of Lumberton

    15. Vaughn says:

      They said they had the wrong number but they keep calling